Netflix’s Power Of Grayskull Documentary Is Masterful!

Netflix’s Power Of Grayskull Documentary Is Masterful!

A couple of weeks back I was pulling another long shift down here in the Vault and decided to see if Netflix might have anything to offer – to help wile away the time. I was rather curious to see a new documentary pop up in my feed entitled Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. That is a title worthy of the heroes and villains of Eternia and as the Power of Grayskull documentary easily proves, it is an apt title to honor and celebrate the hard work of numerous people in the toy industry as well as animation, movies, comics, and we fans around the world – that helped and continue to keep the Masters of the Universe franchise humming along too.

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That video was of course from the successful Kickstarter campaign the likes of Rob McCallum and Randall Lobb started back in January of 2016. The Power of Grayskull documentary has been completed and thankfully for us that missed the crowdfunding campaign, Netflix stepped in and made it available on their streaming services. While this is the only way to see it at the moment I believe there are plans to release this on DVD and Blu-Ray in the future.
Power of Grayskull - Mark Taylor

You might recognize Rob McCallum’s name as he also directed and produced the documentary Nintendo Quest as well as the 2003 documentary short Jim Henson: Sticks, String and Felt among other projects. Randall Lobb was not only co-director with McCallum on the Power of Grayskull but also produced the likes of Turtle Power and the upcoming 2019 documentary A Riddle of Steel: The Definitive History of Conan the Barbarian!

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Obviously the creation of the Masters of the Universe toyline by Mattel owes more than a little to Conan the Barbarian. This was long rumored by He-Man fans but in this documentary you will get the straight answer – it might surprise you too. With candid interviews featuring former Mattel employees, this documentary walks you through not just the creation process of what would become a franchise empire but gives you glimpses of what might have been. In this case I am referring to the fact that certain characters or vehicles could have been produced differently like with Ram Man starting off as a possible Dwarf!
Power of Grayskull - Ram Man - Dwarf Pirate

Power of Grayskull features interesting anecdotes from some of the writers and artists at the legendary Filmation Studios who helped to bring He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to our TV screens every day after school. I also think it’s fair to say that the animated series is what really helped to cement the toy series in the public consciousness for us young fans.

The documentary is broken up into individual chapters that show the rise of He-Man, She-Ra, from toys to the animated series, comic books and of course the cult classic 1987 live action film. Power of Grayskull even features interviews with Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, and Anthony De Longis – who was the fight choreographer as well the villainous Blade.
Power of Grayskull - Blade - Masters of the Universe 1987

Rob McCallum and Randall Lobb also include the missteps the franchise made but at the very least it doesn’t become too maudlin, as the documentary does an excellent job of showing how the Masters of the Universe toys are still being produced and their is still a very committed and loyal fan base.

Friends, before you hop on over to Netflix – join in me in holding aloft your swords and proclaiming the Power of Grayskull documentary has the POWER!

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