Brett Weiss’ The SNES Omnibus Volume One (Review)

Brett Weiss’ The SNES Omnibus Volume One (Review)

Right off the bat, friends, I should preface this review of Brett Weiss’ The SNES Omnibus Volume One with not only is Brett an occasional Author upon this very site – but he was kind enough to ask me to share a personal story about The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that is used in the book. Having said that however I hope after all of these years of writing for the Retroist you know I will tell you the truth of how I feel about a film or book that I am asked to review. In this case the publisher sadly didn’t send me a review copy – don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of industry veterans and professional writers who also share their memories of the vast library of SNES titles – such as Cat DeSpira, John Riggs, Chris Baker, William Culver, Rob McCallum, Patrick Scott Patterson to name a few. The publisher would be hard pressed to send out review copies to everyone who participated. So what I am trying to clumsily get at is I plopped down my hard-earned money to get a copy of Brett’s The SNES Omnibus Volume One and it’s most definitely worth every penny.

Brett Weiss as he has done on subject matters ranging from Retro Pop Culture to his Classic Home Video Games series of books – has once again provided a veritable tome of information on the over 350 Super Nintendo Games that makes up Volume One of the Omnibus. Schiffer Publishing wisely decided to make this a two volume deal, this first book covers games A – M and with each entry you will get a brief overview of the game itself, how it plays, release dates, developer information, and other interesting facts that Brett has uncovered. Then Weiss goes on to provide sometimes vintage reviews of the game in question as well as other reviews of note and even magazine ads for the game itself. Upon all of that you then get Insider Insight on each SNES title that range from people who actually worked in the industry to blog writers such as myself, who share more personal experiences and memories of the various games.

Back in my youth I was lucky enough to work at two different video stores, one was a Mom and Pop type of place and the other was a local chain. So I was familiar with many of the SNES titles featured in The SNES Omnibus Volume One. But that was the biggest surprise as I read through the book – while I certainly was familiar with the lion’s share of games – there were some I had never ever heard of before. Besides Zelda we all know of ActRaiser, ClayFighter, Donkey Kong Country, and Gradius III…but did you ever hear of Captain Novolin, Dream T.V., Final Fight Guy, or Kendo Rage?

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Friends, Brett Weiss is a professional writer and Author of nine books. But what makes his work so enjoyable is not just the research and interesting facts he shares but he too is a fan of what he is writing about. The SNES Omnibus Volume One could have come out as a stuffy info dump. This tome is as far from that as you could get – it’s written in a personable style and is beautifully designed – featuring over 2,000 full-color images. Obviously if you are a fan of the SNES system you will truly want this in your collection. You can order yourself a copy by visiting Brett’s Official Site where I believe you can still obtain signed copies or through the likes of Amazon.

Now how about a little look at what you can find in The SNES Omnibus Volume One?

The SNES Omnibus Volume One - Earthworm Jim

The SNES Omnibus Volume One - Arkanoid - Doh It Again

The SNES Omnibus Volume One - Yogi Bear


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  1. sounds like a cool book, but I’ll probably pick up Pat Contri’s SNES book instead. His NES book was amazing.

  2. Well, if I can get my hands on a copy of Pat’s book I will most definitely review it as well.

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