Toon In: 1969 Hot Wheels Animated Series

Toon In: 1969 Hot Wheels Animated Series

Welcome back to a new installment of Toon In, friends. This week we are going to be taking a look at the 1969 Hot Wheels animated series, a two season cartoon that I will admit I had never heard of before today. Although I will have to point out that while the series had two seasons in total it actually only produced 17 episodes. Interestingly enough the 1969 Hot Wheels animated series appears to have been successful, the problem for the show came about thanks to a rival toy company to Mattel, Topper Toys – the makers of the Johnny Lightning die cast racing cars.

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You see, Topper Toys, looked at the 1969 Hot Wheels animated series as a pretty clear half hour television commercial. Which obviously they had something of a point but it’s not like they were doing this out of the kindness of their heart. Their actions led to the show being cancelled due to FCC investigations, the Federal Communications Commission was so gung-ho, spurned on by parent groups such as ACT they literally threatened the television broadcaster with banning the animated series from being aired – so I suppose everyone involved with the show decided that it was just too much hassle. Which is a shame because it is in fact kind of an awesome animated series albeit one that doesn’t look it has received a DVD or Blu-Ray release as of yet.


The show itself was produced by Pantomime Pictures – in addition they were making Saturday morning cartoons for another Mattel product – Sky Hawks. Also of interest for the Hot Wheels show was that it featured the voice work of Casey Kasem, one of his earlier bits of voice over work, as well as Albert Brooks, Bob Arbogast, and Susan Davis. Furthermore one of the animators working on the series was the legendary Floyd Norman!

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All right, ready to Toon In and watch an episode of the 1969 Hot Wheels animated series?

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