70MM Of Hateful Is A Beautiful Look At Film Itself!

70MM Of Hateful Is A Beautiful Look At Film Itself!

Friends, as most of you know from the Saturday Frights podcast or even from what I share on the Retroist, movies are a very important – sometimes nearly spiritual part of my life. A lot of that awe and respect towards movies was ingrained in me at an early age by my Father. Growing up I craved going to the movies or typically in my Family’s case – hitting the local Drive-In – over even getting a toy. Andrew Walker’s 70MM of Hateful quite simply put manages to successfully capture the beauty itself of film and working with it. Walker was part of the road show for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight and with 70MM of Hateful you get to see the allure of both the motion picture projector as well as celluloid itself.

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No matter what you might have thought of Tarantino’s 8th motion picture, even from the trailer itself you can see it was meant for the big screen. With a few modifications to lenses and such, the same 70MM lenses that helped capture the likes of Ben-Hur, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and Khartoum were put into use on The Hateful Eight. The reason for this is Tarantino wanted to be able to do the road show for his latest film, which I should also required fifty theaters across the world to be retrofitted with 70MM anamorphic-lensed projectors.
70MM of Hateful - Andrew Walker

Which is how Andrew Walker was able to make the beautiful 70MM of Hateful, he was hired you see to be one of the Projectionists for the road show. His short film gives us a time-lapse look at an Cinemeccania 70MM projector at work as well as how the celluloid is threaded through the machine as it plays. Walker married his powerful visuals with Ennio Morricone’s fantastic track from The Good The Bad and The Ugly entitled The Ecstasy of Gold.

Together it really shows the joy I used to feel as a Projectionist myself, friends. While I have freely admitted I was in no way exceptional at my job, it was a task I most certainly took seriously. These days with movie theaters being practically all digital, the loss of film itself, the role of a Projectionist isn’t exactly called for. Which is why I can look back and be so thankful I had the opportunity to thread up projectors, work with actual celluloid before it was gone.
70MM of Hateful - Andrew Walker - Threading the Projector

Are you ready to watch 70MM of Hateful?

70MM of Hateful from Andrew Walker on Vimeo.


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