My Tamagotchi Forever…On Your Mobile Device!

My Tamagotchi Forever…On Your Mobile Device!

Picture It…

1997 – Tamagotchi: an egg-shaped digital creatures you tried to keep alive against all odds: unhappiness, poop, and your English teacher!

2018: Tamagotchi Forever: a mobile app version of the egg-shaped digital creatures you try to keep alive against all odds: unhappiness, poop, and your career!

When I was fourteen-fifteen years old (1997-1998) I carried around three (yes, three!) digital-type pets:

A Digi-Pet Digital Doggie

A Nano Baby…

And the one that started it all…Tamagotchi!

I had a gold Tamagotchi. I always wanted a dinosaur, but wound up with a duck every time.

It’s like the Tamagotchi Gods didn’t trust me with a T-Rex type pet!

I loved my digital pets, and took incredible care of them, despite being in high school and having to concentrate in class.  I kept mine in my pocket (attached to my jeans, of course!) and took care of them between classes. It was like the way I picture kid with cell phones now – kids with their heads bent over their tiny egg-shaped controllers, keeping pixelated animals alive and happy.

I was so good with my first digital pet (the Giga-Pet) that my dog (named Spot) lived to be 39 years old. I had “Spot” for one month before I left the room for a few minutes, returned, and saw an angel floating on the tiny screen.

Poor Spot. He was my first dog. I never quite rivaled my success with my future Giga-Pets (or any of my digital pets thereafter), though I did raise my Nano Baby up to the point where her parents took her back.

And I’m convinced I wouldn’t be a good mom.

Twenty-One Years Later…

I’m now thirty-five years old, the days of digital pets long behind me. I just lost my very real Chihuahua almost two months ago. Being a Digital Pet Parent doesn’t prepare you for the responsibility of owning an actual pet (well, not entirely – have you ever smelled dog poop upon waking up? It isn’t all roses and such!), but I’d like to think I was a good Dog Mom in real life, like I was to Spot the Digital Dog so many years ago.

Last week, I randomly looked up “Tamagotchi” on Google (for the interested, “Tamagotchi” translates to egg (tamago) and uses the “ch” in watch (no explanation on why the “i” is there). Also in my Google search – I was greeted with Amazon listings for new (anniversary edition) Tamagotchi toys. The concept is still the same – no modernization needed – but I seriously wondered who this would appeal to. I mean, kids are all about digital these days, the way we were starting to be in 1997, but what it all comes down to is this is something only a really big kid (read: one in their thirties who owned a digital pet previously) would truly appreciate.

I may consider buying one of the traditional egg-shaped ones (they’re not pricey by any means), but I knew there had to be “an app for that.” Lo and behold…

There really is an app for that!

My Tamagotchi Forever

Bandai Namco Entertainment (Bandai was the original creator of Tamagotchi toys in 1996) created an app that does everything your little egg-shaped digital pet could do…and gives it a cool little mobile app world!

Guess who got sucked into that cute little world of cute animals, games, and poop cleanup?

No, I’m not posting a picture of me. You know what I look like already!

Ok, fine. The weirdo that does the Action Max “gameplay” videos.

Which reminds me, I have one more of those left!

Anyway, My Tamagotchi Forever keeps the most basic concept of Tamagotchi play, and takes it to a mobile app level. It’s a level full of colorful graphics, detail, and fun little games. Achieving certain goals causes you to level up. You earn coins and diamonds for successfully accomplishing certain goals, meeting the personal needs of your Tamagotchi pet, and playing games. You use this coin/diamond currency to buy things your Tamagotchi wants, while meeting their basic needs:


Cleaning up poop emojis and bathing your Tamagotchi pet:

Yes, that is a toilet. Yes, you have to tap on your Tamagotchi while they’re on the toilet so they go. It is weird as it sounds, trust me!

But you earn coins for helping them poop, which means buying them food. That they will eventually poop out.

And keeping them happy:

You know, exactly what you did with your Tamagotchi back in the day…but much more advanced!

Tamagotchi Life Span

The whole process of raising a single Tamagotchi from baby to adult lasts about five days. My first baby was only a baby for a few hours until she became a toddler.

Futabachi then became…

A glasses-wearing toddler!

But from toddler, I got:

A teenager!

And yesterday (as of the day I’m writing this), my toddler grew up…

An adult…and a dinosaur!

I finally got the dinosaur I’d always wanted!

Her name is Sebiretchi. No, I didn’t come up with that name!

My friends who had these always got dinosaurs and aliens. I know the experience is totally random, but I always got a duck for some reason!

But, this morning (again, the day I’m writing this), my dinosaur grew up, became a pilot (yes, you have to help them achieve their career goal), and you are entrusted to a new baby!

But you’ll still get to see your previous Tamagotchi offspring wandering around the town. Because they’re still your babies!

My Tamagotchi: Reaction

I LOVE this app. It is addictive, but fun. The characters are cute (and give a nice nod to the original pixel versions), and the games are fun. I love Hoops, Match 3, Band Practice, and Planet Hop. Given enough free time, you’ll find yourself sucked into keeping your Tamagotchi pet happy and healthy. Definitely a nice, and favorable, update on the classic handheld pet.

The app is free, has opportunities for in-game purchases of diamonds, coins, and an ad-free experience. The ads may be annoying for some, but while I was writing this (and taking care of my new baby Tamagotchi), I was able to put my phone down to write a few sentences while the ad played. Worked for me.

If you’re a fan of the old school Tamagotchi toys we all were addicted to in the 90s, and love the idea of fun and colorful graphics, sounds, and a whole new (and good!) spin on a classic, give My Tamagotchi Forever a try!

Give it five days, you’ll see why I love it!

If you were thinking “Allison loves it because she gets to pick up poop”…you’re just weird.

Seriously, folks. You can watch them sleep like the creeper you are.

Happy Tamagotchi breeding!

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing a gameplay on this game…

Upload via TapGameplay

And because no retro toy is complete without commercials…

Upload via Commercial Break

And the Giga-Pet, complete with cheerleaders and construction workers!

Upload via RetroTimeMachine

Rest in peace, Spot The Digital Dog!

Allison Venezio-Preston

Allison is a Secretary by day, a writer/blogger by night (and during lunch breaks and in the mornings before work), a nostalgia geek (and a geek in general), worshipper of Thor (and Chris Hemsworth), and honorary Avenger (she has a pin, so it is official). She collects Funko Pops, loves anything that takes her back to childhood, and has confessed her love for Kenny Loggins. Oh, and she listens to Chicago...alot. If any of this piques your interest, she'd love for you to visit her personal blog, Allison's Written Words, where she talks about alot of the same stuff she talks about here, and more! She can be found at You can follow her blog on Facebook (, Instagram @allisonswrittenwords, and on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut. (Her husband is supportive of the whole Chris Hemsworth and Kenny Loggins love thing.)

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