Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 021 (Naughty Kids)

Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 021 (Naughty Kids)

It’s Saturday so you all know what that means, friends. The Projectionist and Ross have delivered another terrifying audio treat in the form of a new Sinister Tales of Terror podcast episode. This week that happens to be a case they call Naughty Kids and deals with something pretty horrible that went down in Haddonfield back in the early 60s. For what it is worth…Naughty Kids…is the first Tales of Terror episode that I found myself having to truly step in and act as an editor here on the Retroist.

By now you know the Projectionist well enough from the Saturday Frights podcast to realize, he probably isn’t going to take the news very well that I have altered part of his show. As we have seen so far with this second season of the podcast, Ross continues to delve deep into the shadowy areas of Haddonfield’s past – this time though he uncovers something relating to a disturbing children’s show. Furthermore the Projectionist’s assistant was able to uncover actual surviving audio from the horrifying event that took place at Haddonfield’s WNUF television station. That is in fact what I was forced to edit, friends, as I just felt the full audio was too disturbing for this site.
Naughty Kids - WNUF TV Station

The WNUF TV station is the focus for Naughty Kids and to summarize the episode, that was the name of a short lived puppet show in 1963. It sounds like it basically was meant to provide a comforting moral message while also filling 15 minutes of dead air for the station. Since this is of course Haddonfield…you know things take a decidedly dark turn.
Naughty Kids - Michael Puppet - WNUF - Projectionist's Sinister Tales of Terror

So why don’t you turn down all the lights and prepare yourself for the unsettling truth of Naughty Kids, here on the Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror!

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