Gotham 1888 Is The Steampunk Batman We Deserve

Gotham 1888 Is The Steampunk Batman We Deserve

Friends, the other day while doing a little work down here in the Vault, Dan Wilder popped in for a visit and asked if I had seen Gotham 1888. My fellow Retroist Author of course knows that Batman is a character that I am very fond of and to be honest I quite like the aesthetics of steampunk too. I had a moment to check out this fanmade teaser trailer for Gotham 1888 and was pretty happy with what I saw. Taking inspiration from the exceptional 1989 Gotham by Gaslight one-shot by Mike Mignola and Brian Augustyn, the teaser gives us a brief glimpse at how a steampunk film or television version of the Dark Knight might look.
Gotham 1888 - The Batman

Whilst Batman is indeed one of my all time favorite comic book character, as I have shared before on this site, it was Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! that I first followed as a fan. Checking the spinner rack at my local gas station every weekday morning – hoping to find a brand new issue waiting for me. Having said that I did of course enjoy other comic book characters such as Captain America and those bizarre offerings from the likes of Weird War Tales to name a few. And while I certainly grew up watching the adventures of the Caped Crusader in animated form by way of the Super Friends, it was probably just before I became a teenager that I embraced the Dark Knight as my favorite comic book character. That was thanks in no small part to the 1986 Dark Knight Returns series by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson!
Gotham 1888 - Dark Knight Returns

I am willing to bet that for a lot of you Batman fans, that groundbreaking work was one of your favorites too. Obviously it was popular enough to help inspire the 1989 film from Tim Burton and even be tackled in a two-part animated movie. Speaking of animation, Gotham by Gaslight has also received the animated film treatment and I will willingly admit it’s a solid adaptation.
[Via] Swagalicious Tony

Which brings us back around to Gotham 1888, which was written and directed by Rick Lesperance. The short film gives us a quick glance at how Batman’s Rogues Gallery would fare after being given the steampunk treatment. Such as Pamela Isley or as she is better known to the Gotham underworld – Poison Ivy!
Gotham 1888 - Poison Ivy

For those criminals looking to make a splash in the upper echelons of society, you can expect to come across Oswald Chester Cobblepot aka The Penguin.
Gotham 1888 - The Penguin

I am not sure that in the Gotham 1888 universe if Two-Face is in fact Harvey Dent, best friend to Bruce Wayne. I can however tell you I absolutely adore the villain’s design in this teaser trailer – this Batman nemesis has a very disturbing steampunk makeover!
Gotham 1888 - Two Face

Fans of Catwoman, have no fear as Selina Kyle is indeed present in the trailer, in fact she appears to be subduing Batman with some type of toxin.
Gotham 1888 - Catwoman

Of course you know that even in Gotham 1888 there must be a Clown Prince of Crime, right? The Joker is rather terrifying in this teaser and I feel that the design has a slight tip of the hat to 2004’s The Batman.

I have saved one of the best of the Rogues Gallery for last, friends…and it should come as no surprise that I am naturally referring to Edward Nygma aka The Riddler!
Gotham 1888 - The Riddler

I hope your aether-powered monitors are ready for this fanmade trailer for Gotham 1888!

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