Did You Know About The Garbage Pail Kids Mobile Game?

Much like every kid in 1985, one of the things I was saving my spare change for was arcade games. The problem was that at my ripe old age of thirteen I was starting to really feel the draw of other forms of entertainment. One of those things that began to battle video games for my hard earned money, or my Father’s money if we are being truthful, was Topp’s Garbage Pail Kids. Obviously they have never truly gone out of style but I will admit that until a couple of days ago I had no idea that there was a Garbage Pail Kids mobile game in the works!
Garbage Pail Kids Mobile Game - Teaser

You probably already know this but the Garbage Pail Kids came about thanks to none other than Art Spiegelman, the same cartoonist who won the Pulitzer Prize for Maus. It turns out that Spiegelman was a consultant for Topps and had found great success with another series of gross out stickers, that was Wacky Packages and Garbage Candy.
Garbage Pail Kids Mobile Game - Wacky Packages - Art Spiegelman

Now Spiegelman had apparently envisioned the series as being part of the Wacky Packages line of stickers and cards. Topps however felt it should be it’s own thing and with the aid of Mark Newgarden, the duo edited and acted as art directors for Garbage Pail Kids. The illustrations used in the 1985 series of stickers was solely the product of John Pound.
Garbage Pail Kids Mobile Game - Tongue Tied Tim

To say the series was a success is definitely something of an understatement. While some parent groups were outraged over the gross out humor of the stickers – I think that made kids want to collect them all the more. I can tell you that my Grandparent’s closet door became a shrine to the Garbage Pail Kids…much to their dismay. The popularity of the series led to not only the bizarre collectibles like the 1986 Imperial Toys pop-up ‘figures’…
Garbage Pail Kids Mobile Game - Imperial Toys

…but to the equally bizarre yet absolute cult classic The Garbage Pail Kids Movie in 1987!

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As I have already said, the series has never truly gone out of style, with sets being produced by Topps just last October. So it makes more than a bit of sense that the series takes a digital step forward with the Garbage Pail Kids mobile game, right? The press release for the Garbage Pail Kids mobile game certainly thinks so:
“Garbage Pail Kids are icons of the ’80s and a mobile card battler featuring their freaky antics is a natural expansion for the infamous and beloved brand,” said Stuart Drexler, Jago Studios Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We are thrilled to be working with Topps and look forward to bringing these memorable characters to life in a new way fans can interact with, directly on their mobile devices.”

Ready to see the very brief teaser for the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids mobile game?

[Via] Jago Studios


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