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This Custom Built DuckTales Arcade Is Rare As Scrooge’s Number One Dime!

Friends, I think if you and I were to take the time and create a top ten list of NES games, there would naturally be similar choices. The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Castlevania would probably be on our lists. However I’m willing to bet you would agree that Capcom’s DuckTales is an absolute classic too and deserves to be on it…but did you know that there is an DuckTales arcade cabinet now? I also feel you will agree with me that the beautiful work that Sam of rewindbydesign put into his DuckTales arcade cabinet is breathtaking too.
DuckTales Arcade - Control Panel - John Lester

Thanks to John Lester aka Gamestar 81’s YouTube channel we can get a look at this DuckTales arcade cabinet in action. Although it is pointed out in the video, this isn’t a case of reworking an existing Donkey Kong cabinet, say like Disney did with their Fix-It Felix Jr arcade cabinets.
DuckTales Arcade - Fix It Felix Jr

With the DuckTales arcade cabinet, Sam has 100% fabricated the entire thing from scratch. And there are a few interesting designs that John Lester shines a spotlight on – like the gold trim on the cabinet as well as sparkles in the paint. Or how about the money symbol that marks the speaker area or the “Insert Gold” coin sticker? Features quite worthy for ol’ Scrooge McDuck, right?
DuckTales Arcade - John Lester - Dollar Sign Speaker

Now something to bear in mind is the DuckTales arcade cabinet isn’t running on an emulator. It is running on an original NES with the addition of a Mega Cart – so John can actually play up to 100+ games on the cabinet if he so wishes.
DuckTales Arcade - NES - John Lester

By the way, Sam built and designed the cabinet for the 2018 Game On Expo, although that wasn’t the only custom cabinets he brought with him. In addtion to DuckTales the artist also showcased cabinets for Mega Man and The Legend of Zelda. And as you can see from this photograph from the artist’s instagram account, each of the cabinet featured custom built cabinets and designs!
DuckTales Arcade - Same - RewindByDesign - Mega Man - Legend of Zelda

Ready for John Lester to give you the walk through of his rare DuckTales arcade cabinet?

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