The Deceptive “Walking Cricket” Commercial: Seeing Is Wanting!

I knew in my four-year-old heart I wanted a talking Cricket doll. I saw the introductory commercial and was sold…on a walking Cricket doll.

Cue the deception of many gullible kids!

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This Topic: Not New Nor Novel

I only share my related links because writing about/reacting to something Cricket-related is neither new nor novel for me – I’ve been there, done that, and talked about it a few times. Unfortunately, I had the hardest time finding one very specific detail/aspect about the doll – the launch commercial! I remembered it clearly, and yet, it aluded me.

But alas, it found me!

Ok, it was found for me (thanks to an ever observant Retroist reader!), but it had this awful overdubbing that made me want to scream in agony (thanks commenter Lance for sharing that horror – once I turned the volume off, it was a true treasure!). I also wanted to shake the barbarian that created this monstrosity while shouting “why?!” at them. My very geeky, very nostalgic heart knew the original version existed. It had to be out there somewhere.

To be honest, I don’t even remember what I was searching when I actually found it. I was just happy I found it. Because quite frankly, when you’re searching high and low for the exact reason you wanted to own something, you darned well better be able to find it, free of someone else being a dork about it.

Le sigh, I guess not everyone is a purist like we at Retroist are!

Anyway, how about that commercial?

Witness Walking Cricket In “Action!”

Prepare thyself, this is the moment I’d been searching for!

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So, um…yeah. That happened.

This was Cricket’s introduction to the world. I was three (possibly four, I’m not sure when in 1986 this commercial actually began airing), and I wanted, needed, had to have Cricket. All because I saw her skip and do a pirouette.

I know what you’re thinking, and yeah, I’m thinking the same thing,..

Why was this appealing?

The answer is simple!

Little Allison Loved It!

Little Allison also couldn’t read in 1986.

Poor Little Allison.  If this had only been a year later…

Ok, now there were actually two versions of this commercial – the “first original” is the same as this version, sans the disclaimer that “Doll does not walk” (extra credit to anyone that can find that version!). Unfortunately, the commercial employed a bit (ok, alot!) of false advertising by showing Cricket doing things she could not do – skipping, walking, and doing a turn while moving her arms were not part of her purpose or function.

Cricket was a big, heavy doll with the childlike intelligence of a seven-year-old, but weighed as much as a three-year-old. She was a heavy girl – trust me, I carried her down the stairs many times – and those legs couldn’t support her weight standing up…unless you held her. Believe it or not, I got plenty of practice holding her up the way you hold an infant who refuses to sit. I’d like to think this prepared me nicely for working in the infant room at daycare the summer between high school and college.

Deceptive advertising aside, I loved her. She was so much fun, for something that talked without interacting. I would change her clothing to correspond with whatever tape I played, my cousin gave her a cool ponytail, and she and her director’s chair (a gift that same Christmas!) sat nicely in my childhood bedrooms from Christmas of 1986 until (I think) early 1997, when she went to the donation bin.

Although it had been quite a few years since I’d actually played with her (and a short time where I was afraid of her, thanks in no small part to a little incident involving some dying batteries that no instruction tape could prepare you for!), she still held an important place in my heart.


Who would’ve thought it would be because of a deceptive commercial?

You sit on a director’s chair of lies, Cricket!

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