Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 020 (The Three Kings)

Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 020 (The Three Kings)

Saturday is here already, friends, which means it is high time for a new installment of the Sinister Tales of Terror podcast to go live. With the Three Kings we have our second episode to shine a spotlight on a strange ritual, much like we learned of with The Midnight Man. Although my takeaway from this show was with the Three Kings it doesn’t necessarily bring about harm…it just does in this case. You might not look at your furniture quite the same way again after listening to Ross and the Projectionist’s new show!
The Three Kings - Three Empty Chairs - YouTube

Where the last show featuring the Slender Man was a rather long episode, it appears that the Three Kings runs a little shorter than usual. I suppose there is only so much research Ross can dig up on these events in Haddonfield. Furthermore while he does mention it on the show…we are definitely getting a pretty frightening look at that city and the supernatural occurrences that appear to take place with alarming regularity.

In a nutshell, the purpose of the Three Kings ritual is to gain knowledge? An attempt to contact otherworldly beings or forces? If you will forgive the jest, considering what we learned happened to a medical student in the podcast, it sounds like the ritual is just as dangerous as playing the Game of Thrones.

Now then, turn out all the lights and prepare yourself for the Three Kings on the Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror!

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