Retro Records – Jaws Of The Shark (1975)

Retro Records – Jaws Of The Shark (1975)

No doubt about it, friends, working these 18 hour shifts down in the Vault can certainly bite. Thankfully though it does give me the time to peruse our library of LP and 45’s for Retro Records posts, right? Like for this week’s offering, a 1975 Power Record by way of Peter Pan Records entitled Jaws of the Shark! I can’t quite put my finger on it…but Jaws of the Shark reminds me of some other property that came out in 1975 too…

Oh, yeah! That little known Steven Spielberg film called Jaws…thought it sounded familiar. For the record Jaws of the Shark featured two other stories – A two-parter called Treasure of the Sharks as well as Worshipers of the Shark. Although that last story didn’t actually appear on the record – turns out the third story included on the record is actually The Sacred Killer Shark. If you ask me, any of these stories sounds like prime material for a Saturday night movie on the SyFy channel…like Santa Jaws?!
Jaws of the Shark - Santa Jaws - SyFy

I should point out that like more than a few Power Records offerings, this 1975 release features cover art by none other than Neal Adams. Possibly best well known for his work on both Batman as well as the legendary early 70’s run of Green Lantern and Green Arrow.
Jaws of the Shark - Neal Adams - Green Lantern - Green Arrow

Obviously I mention this because since there is no storybook with Jaws of the Shark, Adams artwork was naturally extremely important to the listener. As was the shark facts that Peter Pan Records provided on the back of the album!
Jaw of the Shark - Back of Album

Now as for the story for Jaws of the Shark, it concerns G.P. and his two Grandchildren, in addition to naval research assistant Pete. All four are working on a research expedition aboard a cutter entitled the Sealab – but when we start the story…Pete is getting savagely attacked by a tiger shark. Seriously…there are some gruesome descriptions of wounds for a children’s record in the story!

All right, grab your favorite beverage and snacks and let’s head beneath the waves…just keep your eyes peeled for the Jaws of the Shark!

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  1. I swear, I had this or knew someone who did. Looks so damn familiar. And I have Santa Jaws set to record on my DVR. Please, don’t judge me.

  2. Caffeinated Joe as someone who reviewed and kind of enjoyed the Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre…I understand, my friend. We have a local record shop that is real good at getting their hands on Peter Pan and Power Records, I will keep my eyes open for this record in the future.

  3. We watched Santa Jaws last night. Wish I could say it was so bad it was fun, but it wasn’t. The horror and action were almost nil, and the comedy fell flat. Was boring, which you never want in a fun shark film.

  4. That is always the ones that ‘hurt’ the most Caffeinated Joe – the B movies that could be entertaining but fail to hit the mark.

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