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Retro Radio Memories: Pennsylvania Turnpike (1942)

Welcome back, friends, to a new offering from Retro Radio Memories. With Pennsylvania Turnpike we are visiting the Dark Fantasy old time radio show once again. Much like with the episode we shared last week, Pennsylvania Turnpike presents another dose of fantastical old time radio drama. Although where Spawn of the Sub-Human had a rather fanciful approach to it’s tale of mad science gone wrong, our story this week would fit in perfectly as an episode of The Twilight Zone!

In Pennsylvania Turnpike we are introduced to a most curious stranger. At the beginning of the radio show, we find out that this ‘old’ man has all sorts of strange mannerisms. From the way he is dressed, the coins he carries to trade with and the fact he has never heard of a sandwich. It would certainly seem like this man is from a different period of time, which is of course exactly the case – no spoilers there, you will hear for yourself he is quite up front about the whole situation.
Pennsylvania Turnpike - Gabby Hayes

Of course the question is why this man would appear in modern times? The desire for justice can be a powerful force, friends…perhaps strong enough even to sustain a person until they can right a past wrong? Although having said that – like with The Twilight Zone on a rare occasion, an innocent person is targeted.

While I have said it before in regards to Old Time Radio programming, it does bear repeating that it still is a valid form of entertainment. It’s ability, at least in the case of shows like Dark Fantasy to give us the creeps 76 years later…that is something pretty incredible. Perhaps the time is right to see the radio drama experience some type of comeback?

Friends, grab your favorite snack and beverage and turn down all the lights. It is time to tune into Dark Fantasy and find out what is going down on the Pennsylvania Turnpike!

[Via] Old Time Radio Researchers Group


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