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Eric Originally Had A Pretty Shocking Death In 1988’s Mac And Me!

When you think back to 1988’s cult classic Mac and Me, what are the first things that pop into your mind? For myself I would say Coca-Cola and the fact there is absolutely an incredible dance number held in the lobby of a McDonald’s restaurant. Which as you obviously know, I will have to share with you before we get to the meat of this Mac and Me post. Another thing that pops into my mind when thinking of the film is that the original trailer had a rather interesting introduction.

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Now if you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing the film before, there is a good reason that Ronald McDonald appeared in the trailer. For one thing he makes an appearance in the film but the producer of Mac and Me, R.J. Louis, happened to have worked with Ronald McDonald House Charities in the past. To say nothing of actually having a hand in the advertising for the restaurant chain. Now there are different sources that naturally have differing opinions on whether McDonald’s actually co-funded the film alongside Coca-Cola – honestly, none of that matters. Because in my opinion what matters is that the Ronald McDonald House Charities received a portion of the money from Mac and Me.
Mac And Me - Ronald McDonald's Children's Charities

Plus there is that awesome dance sequence that I’ve been talking about…if you want to know what it was like growing up in the 80’s just watch this clip!

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Mac And Me - VHS Cover
I will neither confirm nor deny this is a scan of my copy of Mac and Me on VHS!

Okay, now as you saw from the trailer up top, Eric (Jade Calegory) develops a bond with MAC (Mysterious Alien Creature) as they attempt to find the alien’s lost Family. Which is why the young boy of course puts himself in harm’s way when the local Police began firing on the confused aliens. In the clip below you will see how things played out in the version of the film seen by American audiences.

Now then…just last week, thanks to Peter Kuplowsky’s Twitter Feed we can see how Japanese audiences viewed Mac and Me. To say it’s bugnuts that they filmed this scene at all is an understatement.


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