Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 19 (The Slender Man)

Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 19 (The Slender Man)

Since it’s Saturday, friends – that means it is time for a new episode of the second season of the Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror. And I can certainly tell you that for this episode, both Ross and my co-host from the Saturday Frights Podcast have chosen one creepy legend to discuss. I am of course referring to that entity that some have come to call the Slender Man.

Pretty good timing too if you ask me, since apparently they released a movie about the Slender Man this weekend. While I’ve not seen the film for myself, I’m not sure it will measure up to the spookiness of the research that, Ross, the Projectionist’s assistant has uncovered for this episode. Like myself I think you too will be quite surprised by the history of the Slender Man that the young man has found in the Vault library.

Although having said that, it appears as usual that the more frightening elements are situated around the Projectionist’s stomping grounds in Haddonfield. As you will learn in the show, a reporter from the Haddonfield Tribune was able to snap a photograph of the supposed Slender Man – I requested permission to include that image in this article but was denied. However that doesn’t mean I couldn’t include another photograph of the supernatural entity, right?
The Slender Man - Projectionist's Sinister Tales of Terror - Ep 19

Friends, this episode on the Slender Man is a little longer than usual…so enjoy the extra creepy dose of the Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror!

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