RetroWDW Restores 16MM Print of Disney’s Project Florida (1971)

RetroWDW Restores 16MM Print of Disney’s Project Florida (1971)

This afternoon, the esteemed Patrick J. Doody gave us the heads up on RetroWDW‘s Restoration of 1971’s Project Florida. A Wonderful World of Disney presentation from back on January 31st of 1971. As RetroWDW explains, this was a special intended to promote the upcoming Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Furthermore it hasn’t been widely seen in it’s entirety since a special screening at D23 back in 2011. Which is why what RetroWDW has done with Project Florida is so amazing – they’ve taken an original 16MM print of the film and scanned it – frame by frame, the results speak for themselves.
Project Florida - RetroWDW - Restored 16MM Print

For more information I certainly hope you will hop on over to RetroWDW and read the whole story. But in a nutshell, event though they were able to locate a copy of the 1971 film, there was still a small hurdle they faced…the film was in Portuguese! From there the team used the available English audio versions that were of inferior visual quality, restored that with digital tools and married it with Portuguese version of Project Florida. I need to add that also required matching up the frame rate of the film with the English audio – so of course what I’m trying to say in a nutshell is this was an incredible accomplishment and work of love.

While I am naturally a fan of Disney animation I also love the history of the Walt Disney Studio. In Project Florida you are going to get see some amazing footage from the construction of Walt Disney World, such as Cinderella’s Castle!
Project Florida - RetroWDW - Cinderella's Castle

Or how about some of the early work on the exceptional Tiki Room?
Project Florida - RetroWDW - Tiki Room

I have no doubt that you will know exactly what ride is presented in this image, it naturally is It’s a Small World, which of course had been in operation at Disneyland since ’66.
Project Florida - RetroWDW - It's A Small World

Or perhaps you would like to see the Imagineers at work on Walt Disney World’s Country Bear Jamboree – which was one of the last attractions that Walt Disney himself helped to develop.
Project Florida - RetroWDW - Country Bears

A huge thank you again to Patrick J. Doody for letting us know about the restored Project Florida 16mm print, but we all owe RetroWDW a great deal of gratitude for their hard work in the preservation of this piece of Disney history!

Project Florida – 1971 from RetroWDW on Vimeo.


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