Retro Radio Memories: Spawn Of The Sub Human (1942)

Retro Radio Memories: Spawn Of The Sub Human (1942)

It has been a couple of weeks since we last had a Retro Radio Memories offering, friends. And while it is always a treat to listen to the classic MINDWEBS radio show, this week we are going back to 1942, to listen to an episode from the Dark Fantasy series. The 15th episode of the short lived radio show entitled Spawn of the Sub Human!

I have no doubt whatsoever that many of you Old Time Radio fans, like myself, are quite familiar with the Lights Out, Suspense, Inner Sanctum, and even Nightfall radio series. Dark Fantasy was a new one for me when I stumbled on it over at the Internet Archive the other day. Listening to Spawn of the Sub Human however I quickly knew I had to share it with you all.

Dark Fantasy was broadcast late on Friday nights beginning on November 14, 1941 from WKY in Oklahoma City. The series was created and written by George Hamaker AKA Scott Bishop, with the shows being produced and directed by John Prosser. Dark Fantasy while being recorded and broadcast from WKY, it was an affiliate of the NBC Red Network, which meant it was carried from coast to coast. Allowing itself to find an audience hungry for spooky late night fare – it’s popularity getting it picked up for additional shows from the original 13 episode run!
Spawn of the Sub Human - WKY - Dark Fantasy

The story for Spawn of the Sub Human has to be hands down one of the more fantastical that we’ve shared on Retro Radio Memories. We are introduced to Michael and Adella as they taking a plane ride to Mexico, the latter happens to be a famous soprano singer. In fact Adella was at one time engaged to be married to another famous singer named Stephan, although he disappeared five years ago without a trace. While on the trip, Michael and Adella sleep to pass the time and awake…to find a talking Gorilla piloting the plane!
Spawn of the Sub Human - Dark Fantasy - Planet of the Apes

I hope you will go and grab your favorite snack and beverage and join us as we learn of the mystery of the Spawn of the Sub Human!

[Via] The Old Time Radio Researchers Group


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