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Did You Play The Catch A Coke 1983 “Arcade” Coca-Cola Machine?

Those of us that grew up in the late 70s or early 80s all know that arcade games were kind of a big deal. One of those reasons is you literally could find an arcade game in nearly every location imaginable – from the convenient store down the street to your local movie theater. Using every ounce of your skill and reflexes to keep your game going as long as possible was hard work. You could certainly work up quite a thirst and a nice cold Coca-Cola went a long way to refreshing any gamer. Having said that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Coca-Cola tested the waters of mixing gaming and purchasing their product with 1983’s Catch A Coke “Arcade” game.

In all honesty, I never even knew this was something that Coca-Cola had approached back in 1983. Although it is most definitely a novel concept and one I wish would have been widely adopted. I learned of the Catch A Coke vending machine game by way of an old issue of Electronic Games.
Catch A Coke - Electronic Games

One of the many benefits of working at an arcade in this day and age is plenty of vintage reading material. As well as the chance to flip through them on a regular basis for fodder for these articles, right? Back to the Catch A Coke “Arcade” game, the goal was for the consumer to play as a Coke delivery man who must attempt to catch Coca-Cola cans being tossed by a mischievous monkey.
Catch A Coke - LCD Screen

Apparently the Coca-Cola vending machine owner could set the Catch A Coke game to last anywhere from 10 second to 20 seconds. I can only assume that at a busier location, the vending machine would have been set up for the quicker game. As the folks behind you probably wouldn’t have wanted to wait 20 seconds for their drink to be dispensed. How would you like to see a 1983 news report featuring not just the game in action but talking Coke machines too?

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Now even though the Catch A Coke wasn’t widely released that doesn’t mean you can’t pick one up yourself. That is because Bandai Electronics was hired to produce a LCD Game and watch in 1983 that was distributed to members of the Coca-Cola sales force!
Catch A Coke - Bandai

I would love to hear in the comments if you were lucky enough to bump into one of the Catch A Coke “Arcade” Coca-Cola machines.

However, since I just mentioned the Coca-Cola talking vending machines, how would you like to see one that featured Max Headroom? All you need to do is click on the link here to Billy Seven‘s YouTube Page.
Catch A Coke - Max Headroom


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