There Is A Surprise In This Pet Sematary Poster By Dan Mumford

There Is A Surprise In This Pet Sematary Poster By Dan Mumford

When it comes to the best film and television adaptations for the works of Stephen King, Pet Sematary has to rank in the top five. This is just my opinion of course, but I feel that a lot of that has to do with how well Mary Lambert pulled off the vibe of King’s 1986 book. Speaking of that feeling of menace in the film and book, the same most assuredly applies to this Pet Sematary poster by Dan Mumford.

We have shared the stunning work of Dan Mumford in the past, when some of his artwork was part of Gallery 1988’s tribute to the legacy of Mattel toys in fact. He has supplied poster art for various pop culture properties ranging from The Land Before Time to Rick and Morty. However it should come as no surprise that one of my favorites happens to be for The Monster Squad with Wake Up Old Friend…It Is Our Time.
Pet Semetary Poster By Dan Mumford - The Monster Squad

Now when you think of Pet Sematary what is the first thing that pops into mind? For myself it is of course the cemetery itself…as well as Zelda…the nightmare inducing Zelda. Mary Lambert’s opening of the 1989 film in particular, that slow stroll through the cemetery, the rows of handmade tombstones as we hear children’s voices reciting epitaphs for their lost pets. With those visuals married to Elliot Goldenthal’s moving score – it gives me chills every single time I watch it.

[Via] Super Nikoz

The Pet Sematary poster by Dan Mumford certainly gives us a creepy vibe of said cemetery. As well as having Church the cat at the bottom right of the poster, there is also what must assuredly be poor Gage Creed. The young boy standing vigil before the growth of trees and bramble that attempt to stop those foolish enough to reach the burial spot…where the ground is sour.

Here is where we get into the surprises in this Pet Sematary poster by Dan Mumford. It has to do with that shining moon in the background.

You see, friends, if you shine a blacklight at the poster you will see that ol’ moon is part of Church’s baleful stare!
Pet Semetary Poster By Dan Mumford - Church - Alternative Movie Posters
All poster images courtesy of Dan Mumford.

You can pick up a print of this officially licensed poster over at the Alternative Movie Posters store. There are two different versions of the print available, the Deluxe edition has the UV hidden image of Church staring at you with malice, it also comes with a blacklight to reveal said image. The standard edition while still showing off the beautiful artwork of Dan Mumford does not contain the UV resurrected cat…which depending on how easily you are creeped out might be a good thing?


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