Fear Dracula’s Wrath In Netflix’s Castlevania Season 2 Trailer!

Fear Dracula’s Wrath In Netflix’s Castlevania Season 2 Trailer!

For fans of the legendary game series by Konami, Castlevania was a welcome addition to Netflix back in 2017. The animated series was rich in gore as well as the Gothic dressing that keeps us fans coming back to the games over and over again. Well, yesterday Netflix totally dropped the trailer for Castlevania season 2 and it looks to bring back everything we loved from the first season!

Perhaps the only complaint we fans of the first season of Castlevania had was that it was too short, in total it only had four episodes. Just as we were getting invested in the storyline it was over. With this Castlevania season 2 trailer it appears that we will catch up with our trio of heroes. I will assume that Richard Armitage will return to voice Trevor Belmont – perhaps this go around he might take his burden as a hero a little more seriously?
Castlevania Season 2 - Trevor Belmont

Last season we saw Trevor reluctantly teaming up with Sypha Belnades, who is voiced by Alejandra Reynoso of Winx Club fame. It will be interesting to see in this second season if her magical abilities will continue to grow, as well as if we will learn more about the order of the Seekers?
Castlevania Season 2 - Sypha

Of course we can’t forget about Alucard, the Son of Dracula, the “sleeping soldier” who has healed from his own mortal fight with his Father the previous year. At the end of last season he agreed to join Trevor and Sypha to combat the legions of Dracula (Graham McTavish). I can only assume that James Callis is once again voicing Adrian Tepes aka Alucard for Castlevania season 2.
Castlevania Season 2 - Alucard

Since I’ve not received a press release for this second season, I’m not positive if the series is still being penned by the legendary Warren Ellis. Although having said that, I would be very surprised indeed if that wasn’t the case. We will have eight episodes for this season and it debuts at the most proper time…October 26th!
Castlevania Season 2 - Dracula

Are you prepared to check out Netflix’s Castlevania season 2 trailer?

A word of warning, much like the original series, this trailer doesn’t shy away from the blood shed and gore.

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