Retro Records: MASK – The Volcano Of Venom (1987)

Retro Records: MASK – The Volcano Of Venom (1987)

Welcome back to a new installment of Retro Records, although I will admit this week’s offering with M.A.S.K. – The Volcano of Venom was actually a book and tape. In addition I believe this was a set that was released only in the United Kingdom and featured three other stories. It was produced by Tempo as a box set and featured Mask-A-Raid, Double Double Cross, Car Wars as well as The Volcano of Venom.
Volcano of Venom - MASK - Rhino - Gator

Friends, in the mid-80s I was focused on pretty much two toy lines and two alone. Those were The Transformers and G.I. Joe, thanks in no small part to the animated series I watched after school. Which is how of course I first learned of M.A.S.K., not by way of the toys but the animated series from 1985.

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Having said that it’s not like I didn’t see M.A.S.K. toys on the shelves of my local stores. It’s just that as awesome as vehicles that could transform into even more fantastic vehicles were, I was loyal to the inhabitants of Cybertron and the near superhero action taking place in G.I. Joe. The animated series for M.A.S.K. was something I enjoyed watching and while I never owned a single toy back in the day – I could tell you that without a doubt my favorite character was Brad ‘Chopper’ Turner. Who piloted both the Condor, a motorcycle that became an assault helicopter as well as the Razorback which was a stock car…that transformed into a rescue tank.
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Are you ready for to join M.A.S.K. as they face the perils of The Volcano of Venom?

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Seriously, how amazing is that theme song to M.A.S.K.? If you love it as much as I do I think you are certainly going to dig this cover of the song by Bad Arts Lab.


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