Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 017 – The Portraits

Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 017 – The Portraits

Welcome back to a new offering from the Sinister Tales of Terror, friends. This week it looks like the Projectionist and his new assistant, Ross, have uncovered an event that took place in Haddonfield back in 1969. A creepy little tale that they have entitled The Portraits.
The Portraits - Sinister Tales of Terror

While the first podcast episode of this second season gave us something of a dark ritual, this week involves a hunter lost deep in the woods and what appears to be salvation. When the man stumbles across a cabin, offering him shelter for the night. I don’t believe I am ruining any surprise when I say this doesn’t turn out exactly to be the case, right?
The Portraits - The Cabin - Haddonfield 1969

I definitely think the addition of Ross has certainly led to the Projectionist’s show finding a new purpose. Not just because that the young man appears to be keeping my co-host from the Saturday Frights Podcast in check but due to his research in the Vault library he is uncovering some interesting facts of Haddonfield’s past.

While over the years with the SF Podcast we have been getting bits and small pieces of the puzzle that is the Projectionist’s Haddonfield – I think this new season of the show is starting to show us how scary of a place it truly can be.

While I will admit that I am in no way an outdoorsman, I most definitely see the appeal of enjoying the gifts of nature. However after listening to The Portraits…I doubt I will ever go wandering into them on my lonesome any time soon!

The Portraits - Vintage photograph

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