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*Some Assembly Required Featuring Custom Dano Brown Figures!

Friends, as we have demonstrated just last week – here at the Retroist we love custom action figures. Especially when they are of high quality like the work of Dano Brown, gifting us all with the opportunity at glimpsing a world where we received Captain N: The Game Master or Dig Dug figures. The good news is that Dano Brown is receiving an exhibition of his work, featuring more than 40 hand-crafted figures at the iam8bit gallery in Los Angeles – this VERY evening!
Dano Brown - Some Assembly Required - iam8bit

The opening reception begins at 8 p.m. and will run until 11 p.m., in addition it is free to the public. Furthermore the exhibit of custom figures by Dano Brown will run until August 19th. If you would like a taste of what types of action figures the artist will be putting on display, we certainly have you covered. How would you have liked to seen an action figure produced for 1988’s classic Blaster Master?
Dano Brown - Blaster Master

What about the likes of Jean Reno as he appeared in 1994’s Leon: The Professional?
Dano Brown - Jean Reno - Leon the Professional

Keeping on the subject of films I was blown away by this Teen Wolf action figure. As you can see, this 1985 version of Scott Howard also comes equipped with headphones and his trademark sunglasses!
Dano Brown - Teen Wolf - Scott Howard

For those of you that like those chase figures, Dano Brown has crafted the Lloyd Christmas ‘charity ball edition’ figure from 1994’s Dumb and Dumber.
Dano Brown - Dumb and Dumber - Lloyd Christmas

Rounding out our samples of action figures based on movies, check out Frank Dux from 1988’s Bloodsport!
Dano Brown - Bloodsport - Frank Dux

Saving one of the best for last we have The Joy of Painting Bob Ross figure.
Dano Brown - Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting

Now then, if you are interested in what inspired Dano Brown to start creating custom action figures – you can find out from the artist himself:

Dano Brown - Working on Custom Figure
“I’ve always created art in one form or another as far back as I can remember. It’s something that has always made me happy. The only other hobby I’ve had for just as long is collecting. Since I was small I’ve always collected something. Baseball cards, lighters, records, cheap watches, etc, etc. The thing I’ve collected the longest and the most passionately has been vintage Nintendo games. Specifically NES era games. I’m currently only missing 3 games to complete the entire North American catalogue. As I got closer and closer to having them all, I found it was increasingly difficult and expensive to acquire games I needed so I started branching out. I bought Nintendo magazines, books, watches, pencils, folders, and just about anything else you could think of. A few years ago I came across some vintage style Nintendo action figures online that I had never seen even though I was sure I’d seen it all at that point. I immediately bought all of them. When they arrived I recognized some of the faces as old GI Joe’s I had as a kid. I realized that they were actually a bunch of old toys Frankensteined together to look like something new. I immediately became obsessed with trying to create my own. After a lot of trial and error and some helpful advice from the guy who sold me the figures that inspired me, I made my first figure. With the photoshop skills I had from previous projects I was able to make some pretty convincing packaging for my toy. I made it for myself but when I shared it on social media I had a shocking amount of interest in it. After that I was hooked. I’m just trying to create any and every action figure that I feel deserves to be made but never was.”


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