Toon In: Merrie Melodies – It’s Got Me Again (1932)

Toon In: Merrie Melodies – It’s Got Me Again (1932)

Welcome back, friends to a new Toon In offering here on the Retroist. This week we are going to be looking at 1932’s It’s Got Me Again which marks one of the first animated shorts to be released under the Merrie Melodies banner. As well as the fact that It’s Got Me Again was nominated for the 1932 Academy Award for best animated short film.

I would like to tell you of course that it won the Academy Award that year but instead that honor went to Walt Disney’s Flowers and Trees. To be fair that too is a nice animated short and worthy of a Toon In post of it’s very own. Speaking of Disney you might notice the main protagonists in It’s Got Me Again do in general look like a certain cartoon mouse.
It's Got Me Again - Flowers and Trees

Having said that, bear in mind that it was only four short years earlier that Mickey Mouse made a splash with audiences. Furthermore I should also point out that some of the mice in this animated short also bear a resemblance to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The first animated character that both Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney created – for Universal Studios. It was actually in 2006 that Oswald came back into the Disney fold, thanks in part to the long development of 2010’s Epic Mickey!

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In 1932’s It’s Got Me Again we are introduced to a lively group of mice, who reside in a music shop. Seriously, this place has a major pest infestation but at least in this case they are a bunch of fun-loving rodents. Problems arise though when a hungry cat manages to sneak in to the music shop to disrupt the merry makers – be on the lookout for a nod to 1927’s The Jazz Singer! The title of this cartoon is also the name of the song used in the short by Bernice Petkere and Irving Caesar.
It's Got Me Again - Phonograph

Without further ado, grab your favorite beverage and snacks and enjoy It’s Got Me Again!

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