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The Predator Was Voiced By Peter Cullen?!

Here is a fact that I was wholly unaware of and it really took me by surprise. 1987’s Predator was voiced by Peter Cullen, I am of course referring to the titular alien character in that classic film. Now I am positive that when it comes to Peter Cullen, like many of you I know him best as the voice of the wise and compassionate Optimus Prime from The Transformers animated series as well as films and video games.

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Now Peter Cullen has had an incredible voice acting career to say the very least. In addition to The Transformers, he has also lent his voice to the likes of Trollkins, Saturday Supercade, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, and Dungeons & Dragons. Furthermore that is just a tip of the iceberg on the animated series he has worked on in the past 47 years. While his first credited acting gig was as the announcer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in ’67 – Cullen’s first voice acting for animation was in 1971 with Tiki Tiki.
Predator Was Voiced By Peter Cullen - Tiki Tiki

Thanks to Saturday Morning Rewind we can take a brief look at the many, many voices Cullen has provided.

In 1987 when Predator was about to hit theaters I found myself with something of a dilemma on my hands. My Father for some bizarre reason didn’t want to see the movie, which I was having a hard time wrapping my head around. Not only did he love monster movies but he also really, really liked science fiction films. No matter what I said and even AFTER seeing this teaser trailer…he refused to believe it was going to be about an alien.

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As you might imagine after getting him in the actual theater to see the film…he changed his tune pretty quickly. Since the 1987 film we have been sure to catch any film with the Predator in it. Which to get back to Peter Cullen, it shocked me that I did not know he provided the vocal clicks of the alien hunter. I do sort of pride myself on trying to know as much as I possibly can on my favorite films, although somehow this particular fact managed to escape my notice over the years.
Predator Was Voiced By Peter Cullen - Predator

Thankfully we can hear about how the Predator was voiced by Peter Cullen from the actor himself!

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