Sinister Tales of Terror Episode 16 – The Midnight Game

Sinister Tales of Terror Episode 16 – The Midnight Game

Friends, I am just as shocked as you are to wake up and find out the Projectionist has produced a new Sinister Tales of Terror podcast episode. Furthermore it appears the Retroist wisely hired someone to act as the shadowy cinephile’s assistant. No one is ever going to say the Retroist isn’t a smart cookie. But what tale of terror do the Projectionist and his assistant Ross discuss for this episode? Not so much a story for this go around but a ritual known as the Midnight Game.

I certainly feel we are going to be seeing some different types of tales in this second season of the Sinister Tales podcasts. Which if I am being honest, change can be a good thing. Talking it over with Ross during our lunch break – he said that the show will continue to be digest sized – something to enjoy when you need a quick jolt of the macabre.

In the Midnight Game you will hear Ross and the Projectionist talk about the origins of the unnerving ritual. As well as a documented case of the summoning of the Midnight Man in the town of Haddonfield. Which as most of you know is where the Projectionist hails from and has set up his ‘Haunted Drive-In‘.

While I am in no way a capable historian or researcher such as Ross or the Projectionist…I would heed their warnings about trying to play the Midnight Game!

The Midnight Game - The Midnight Man

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