Have You Taken A Look At These Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird?

Have You Taken A Look At These Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird?

Friends, as is widely known, back in 1983 when Return of the Jedi hit theaters – the addition of Ewoks to the series caused a lot of Star Wars fans to get up in arms. There were folks like myself though that actually found them interesting. Judging by these beautiful Ewok portraits by Brandon Bird, the artist finds them interesting as well.

Granted my fascination with the Ewoks could have been due to my age. I had just turned eleven years old at that point, so the ‘cute’ nature of the species was obviously pleasing. Although even in my youth I caught onto the fact that the Ewoks were going to cook and heat Han Solo and Luke Skywalker!

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Brandon Bird is an artist I highly admire, I am always looking forward to seeing what he might post next on his Instagram account. Heck, at the arcade we have quite a bit of his artwork on display. Beyond some of his hilarious Jerry Orbach stickers on display, my favorite at the arcade has to be “No One Wants To Play Sega with Harrison Ford”.

Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - No One Wants To Play Sega with Harrison Ford
All images are courtesy of Brandon Bird.

So a couple of days ago when I saw these Ewok portraits by Brandon Bird, I knew I would have to share them with you. By hopping on over to the artist’s official merchandise page, you too can pick up prints or even the original oil portraits. The Ewoks that Bird painted include Logray, head Shaman of the Bright Tree tribe of Endor.
Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Logray

While Chief Chirpa isn’t represented, we do have the heroic Paploo, who in Return of the Jedi was portrayed by none other than Kenny Baker. Paploo was the Ewok who managed to sneak past the Imperials to steal a speeder bike – leading the Imperials away and giving Han and his team the chance to sneak into the shield generator.
Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Paploo

Brando Bird also painted a portrait for Romba, who in the expanded universe was revealed to be a hunter for another tribe of Ewoks. When the Empire arrived on Endor they slaughtered his tribe while he was out on a hunt to make room for the shield generator. Luckily for Romba, Chief Chirpa accepted him into Bright Tree tribe.
Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Romba

Then we have Teebo who was played by the late and great Jack Purvis in Return of the Jedi. Much like Kenny Baker, Purvis too appeared in Terry Gilliam’s exceptional Time Bandits in 1981. In that film he portrayed the physically aggressive Wally, the bandit who appeared to constantly doubt the leadership of Randall (David Rappaport).
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Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Teebo

Last but not least Brandon Bird produced an oil portrait for Lumat who happens to be the chief woodcutter for the Bright Tree tribe.
Ewok Portraits By Brandon Bird - Lumat

As I’ve mentioned already you can hop on over to Brandon Bird’s official merchandise page and pick up these as prints – or if your pockets are deeper you can buy the original oil paintings. However you will also find two additional pieces of art – one for an Ewok infant as well as one featuring both Wicket and Cindel Towani!

Now that you have had a chance to look over the Ewok portraits by Brandon Bird…let’s watch that intro to Season 1 of Ewoks!

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