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The Hulk Gets An Incredible New Direction With The Immortal Hulk

A couple of days ago, just as my shift down here in the Vault was about to end, the Retroist popped in and asked if I had checked out The Immortal Hulk yet. Honestly I had not the foggiest idea what he was talking about. With the arching of one of his eyebrows, he slid the first issue of The Immortal Hulk to me. A scant fifteen minutes later I was on the phone having my local comic shop add it to my pull list.

I am willing to bet that like many of you, my first encounter with Marvel Comics’ The Hulk was thanks to the 1978 NBC television series. Of course I had seen the jolly green giant featured on the covers of comics stocked up in the spinner rack of my local gas station. But as I have mentioned before on this site – in my youth I was pretty much an out and out DC Comics fan.

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Having said that I became quite the fan of the Hulk thanks to the 1982 animated series, which naturally was also on NBC.

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As I am about to discuss what makes The Immortal Hulk so different, consider this your SPOILER warning. While I do not regularly keep up with the current events of comics, most of my pull list are independents, it appears that at this time the World believes the Hulk as well as Bruce Banner are dead. Obviously that isn’t the case but one of the key mysteries of the book is why this is true – something has changed in Banner as well as the Hulk.

The Immortal Hulk - Bruce Banner - Marvel Comics
All The Immortal Hulk images are courtesy of Marvel Comics.

We see how much of a change has taken place after a hold up at a gas station goes horribly wrong. A nervous assailant ends up killing innocent people…which includes Bruce Banner. However when night falls it is the Hulk that wakes up on the slab at the local morgue. He is angry and monstrous and is seeking out the one responsible for the killings.
The Immortal Hulk - Marvel Comics - Hulk Smash

Much like Ghost Rider it appears he is drawn to deliver some kind of vengeance or perhaps I should say retribution? Judging by this first issue, the days of the Hulk being ‘noble’ and working alongside the Avengers is over. Furthermore the Green Behemoth acts more like Edward Hyde – egging on his assailant and taking no small amount of satisfaction at being the strongest one there is.
The Immortal Hulk - Marvel Comics - Hulk Is Angry

An interesting point about the new The Immortal Hulk series is a nod to the 1978 television series. Bruce Banner can be seen reading an issue of the Nation Investigator in a couple of panels.
The Immortal Hulk - Marvel Comics - Bruce Banner - National Investigatoral

As well as the fact we have a journalist on the case after the tragedy at the gas station and her name happens to be Jackie McGee. While it is of course true that in the 1978 TV series, Jack McGee who was played by Jack Colvin, works at the National Register – trust me on this, friends – this is most certainly a tip of the hat to the series by Al Ewing.
The Immortal Hulk - Marvel Comics - Jackie McGee

The artwork for The Immortal Hulk is handled wonderfully by Joe Bennett, who you might know from his work on Black Panther: World of Wakanda and Teen Titans to name a few books he has provided art on. Although the covers so far are done by the legendary Alex Ross!
The Immortal Hulk - Marvel Comics - Issue 4 - Alex Ross

Obviously this new Hulk comic isn’t going to be for younger readers. On the other hand if you are ready to see the character in a much different light – one that leans heavily on horror…a little like Swamp Thing – you need to be picking the book up. Where it will go from here is anyone’s guess but I think this new direction is much needed for the character and I look forward to seeing where it will lead.

Now that hopefully I’ve piqued your interest in The Immortal Hulk – let’s watch a scene from the 1978 show that you won’t probably see in the comic series.

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