Death By Toys Creates A Kenner Inspired NES Toy Line

Death By Toys Creates A Kenner Inspired NES Toy Line

Friends, I was on my lunch break down here in the Vault, when I stumbled upon these custom Nintendo game characters by Death By Toys. A couple of things occurred to me when I started to check them out. The style looked familiar for one thing and for good reason. As the artist responsible was formerly known as the Chicago Toy Collector. Whose real name is Dan Polydoris and we have shared his work on this site once or twice before. We at the Retroist are always happy to see his latest project, which as you can plainly see this time is a Kenner inspired NES toy line!

I of course realize there are many wonderful artists making custom acting figures out there. But with Death By Toys you have the added element that those customs are crafted using vintage toy parts. Case in point with this excellent Samus Aran from 1986’s Metroid – you have the head from an G.I. Joe BAT as well as the chest of a Kenner 4-LOM figure.

Kenner Inspired NES Toy Line - Metroid - Samus Aran - Death By Toys
All custom figure images courtesy of Death By Toys.

I cannot truly tell you how much I would have loved to own a Simon Belmont figure back in the day. My first encounter with 1986’s Castlevania was thanks to letting a friend borrow my copy of Konami’s Jackal.

[Via] The Hatman

I should add that for the Kenner inspired NES toy line – Simon features a vintage Lando Calrissian in his Jabba’s Palace outfit. In addition that whip apparently was constructed using parts from the Playmates Star Trek: The Next Generation toy line.
Kenner Inspired NES Toy Line - Death By Toys - Simon Belmont - Castlevania

Going out on a limb but I bet part of the Belmont Family’s weapon of choice belongs to the Lt. Barclay action figure. Yes, that is indeed my own Barclay figure…I will brook no disagreement on my thoughts that Reginald Barclay was one of the greatest supporting characters.

Kenner Inspired NES Toy Line - Lt. Barclay - Vic Sage
“Well, it… it just occurred to me that I could set up a frequency harmonic between the deflector and the shield grid, using the warp field generator as a power flow anti-attenuator, and that, of course, naturally created an amplification of the inherent energy output.”

Anyway, with Mario you have a vintage collection Kenner Star Wars toys. The head comes courtesy of the Bespin Guard whereas the body is from Luke’s X-Wing Pilot figure.
Kenner Inspired NES Toy Line - Mario - Super Mario Bros. - Death By Toys

Next we have a figure for 1988’s Mega Man 2 which features the head from that Luke X-Wing Pilot figure and the body of the Death Star Commander. While Mega Man’s arm blaster isn’t from a vintage toy it is in fact IG-88’s head?!
Kenner Inspired NES Toy Line - Mega Man 2 - Death By Toys

Last but certainly not least is Link from The Legend of Zelda. The hero of Hyrule was created with parts from a vintage Ree-Yees, ‘Farmboy’ Luke Skywalker, and even the legs of the Motorcyle rider from the Fisher Price Adventure People toy line.
Kenner Inspired NES Toy Line - The Legend of Zelda - Link - Death By Toys

Dan made these for his own personal collection but you can check out his official site to see more customs. Although there is a bit of salty language scattered about the site, so a little word of warning.

Now then with the first wave of the Kenner inspired NES toy line out of the way. Death By Toys can concentrate on that Lt. Barclay line of figures, right?


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