Retro Records: Mickey Mouse Club Book Song (1956)

Retro Records: Mickey Mouse Club Book Song (1956)

Friends, welcome back to a new installment of Retro Records. This go around we are going to be listening to The Mickey Mouse Club Book song. The B side in fact to the very popular You, The Human Animal from 1955. Which in itself was part of a series of educational shorts hosted by Jiminy Cricket. The Mickey Mouse Club Book song doesn’t appear to have been made into a short film however.

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The popularity of the educational segments on The Mickey Mouse Club TV series certainly led to other formats. Namely being transferred to 16mm film for schools. Beginning with the I’m No Fool series. Jiminy Cricket would teach children basic safety lessons. Such as how to act while riding your bicycle or the dangers of fire and electricity. Naturally all of them beginning with the I’m No Fool song!

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The music for the series, including the record releases were overseen by Jimmie Dodd. Who not only was the MC for The Mickey Mouse Club but created it’s theme song. Off the subject of this Retro Records but Dodd also starred in a handful of films. Such as 1942’s Flying Tigers, Thundering Trails, as well as the Adventures of Superman. However he is probably best known for his role in The Mickey Mouse Club where he appeared in 167 episodes.
Mickey Mouse Club Book Song - Jimmy Dodd

What about Jiminy Cricket?

Mickey Mouse Club Book Song - Cliff Edwards
While Dodd might have been in charge of the music of the educational shorts. It was Cliff Edwards who provided the voice of Jiminy Cricket. Just as he had in the 1940’s animated feature Pinocchio. Although that was originally an uncredited role. Edwards was one the most well known singers in America between 1920 and 1930. Generally as “Ukulele Ike” – playing…well…the ukulele of course. Edwards nailed a number one song in 1929 with Singin’ in the Rain!

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You’ve had plenty of history now on the genesis of The Mickey Mouse Club Book song. Ready to hear it for yourself?

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