Super7 Universal Monsters - Creature from the Black Lagoon

Check Out These Super7 Universal Monsters Comic-Con Exclusives!

Friends, I and others on the site have been known to share our love of Universal Monsters once or twice before. So you might understand why I was over the moon when these Super7 Universal Monster collectibles were announced. As well as feeling my crushing despair when I realized the truth. These are in fact exclusives to the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. Having said that though it’s not like we cannot look upon the Super7 Universal Monsters exclusives and still enjoy them, right?

The exclusives will be part of a pop-up SDCC Boodega Monstore. They will open up the store at the following times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
Friday – July 20th: 9:00pm to Midnight
Saturday – July 21st: 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday – July 22nd: 11:00am to 5:00pm

Super7 Universal Monsters - Boodega Corner Monstore

The figures are naturally part of the ReAction line. Released by Funko to further their goals of taking over the world. One collectible at a time. First up, let us take a look at The Wolfman figure.
Super7 Universal Monsters - The Wolf Man

Like all the figures for the Super7 Universal Monsters Boodega Monstore. It is a 3.75″ Reaction figure with an exclusive die cut cardback. Next up is The Creature from the Black Lagoon!
Super7 Universal Monsters - Creature from the Black Lagoon

Then we have 1932’s The Mummy. Famously played by the legendary Boris Karloff. Of all the special cardbacks that have been produced, this one is my favorite.
Super7 Universal Monsters - The Mummy

Okay. Let me talk a bit about the Metaluna Mutant.

I certainly hope that this will not offend any of you fellow Universal Monsters fans. When I was younger I had a real problem with the iconic character from 1955’s This Island Earth being included in the monster lineup. I also felt that way when The Hunchback of Notre Dame was included too. Chalk it up to the folly of youth?
Super7 Universal Monsters - Metaluna Mutant

Of course if you ask me now I am totally fine with these additions. In fact I feel a line should be developed for other ‘monsters’ of the Universal films. Where is my ReAction Victor Frankenstein set? Or perhaps a playset for the Rita with crew for the Creature to rail against?

There are more Universal Monsters goodies to be had at the Boodega Monstore!

For example you will be able to obtain some choice 7″ X 21″ felt pennants.
Super7 Universal Monsters - Pennants

Which just happens to feature artwork from the soft enamel pins. The Metaluna Mutant is out in this case with Frankenstein’s Monster stepping in. For more information on the pricing of these collectibles, visit the Super7 site.
Super7 Universal Monsters - Pins

Now that you are aware of the Super7 Universal Monsters offerings. Why not listen to The Wolf Man episode of the Saturday Frights Podcast?

Saturday Frights Ep 53
Dare I say that the Projectionist and myself might show you a…howling…good time?


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