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Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks (1976)

Welcome back, friends. With today being the 4th of July it seemed like we should obviously focus on something patriotic for this Toon In. So today we are going to be sharing the Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks animated short. An entertaining musical history lesson. This is a series that I look forward to covering on the upcoming Toon In podcast. Furthermore, Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks originally debuted the Saturday morning of March 6th, 1976. Maybe.

All of us of a certain age probably recall the Schoolhouse Rock shorts with fondness. Or at the very least might find themselves busting out singing I’m Just A Bill during our workday.

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Curious how Schoolhouse Rock got started?

Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks - Schoolhouse Rocky
Schoolhouse Rock was the brainchild of David McCall. One half of the advertising agency known as McCaffrey and McCall. The creation of the entertaining educational shorts was said to be thanks to David’s Son. McCall said that he noticed while his child could remember the lyrics to popular songs of the day, he was struggling with math.
Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks - Multiply by 5

So he talked it over with a copywriter at the agency, George Newall. Who just so happened to be a jazz pianist to boot. Newall hired Bob Dorough who was famous for being a composer as well as a jazz bebop artist. With the aid of a slew of other musical artists the animated shorts were sold to ABC. The very first short produced and aired was Three Is A Magic Number which debuted on February 3, 1973.

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Multiplication Rock presented shorts following the multiplication table. Naturally starting with the numeral 2 and ending up with 12. The next series was Grammar Rock. Beginning in 1975, to coincide with America’s bicentennial was America Rock. Which is of course where Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks was included. Now for what it’s worth, the debut date of the short is in question. I have found other sites that state it actually aired on July 3rd, 1976. Which feels far more correct in this case, right?

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Friends, now that you’ve been able to enjoy Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks and others. Take just a moment more and check out another favorite, The Good Eleven.

Rather appropriate I think as…I believe this site started all the way back in 2007!

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Today, no matter how you might celebrate the Holiday. We here at the Retroist Vault of course wish you one and all a very safe as well as Happy 4th of July!
Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks - Happy 4th


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