Enjoy The Thrill Of The Floppotron Airwolf Theme!

Enjoy The Thrill Of The Floppotron Airwolf Theme!

When it comes to thrilling as well as toe-tapping 80’s TV show themes. Airwolf certainly should be in the top ten. It was Pawel Zadrozniak however that realized that a Floppotron Airwolf theme sounded even better. Granted that is due to it being played on a system of 8 hard disks, with 64 floppy drives, and 2 scanners. Because in my personal opinion anything on this system sounds better. Knight Rider, Queen, and yes, even a version of the Floppotron Airwolf theme.

Now just before we let you listen to said theme. Bear with me just long enough to share with you my memories of Airwolf. It will be pretty quick, I promise you. Back in 1984 when the show was beginning it’s first three seasons on CBS…I never watched it. As I have shared before, in my household, if my Father didn’t want to watch something we didn’t see it. However there was one evening when flipping the channels that I was able to catch the opening. Which included that thrilling theme by Slyvester Levay!

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So then it became something of an odd situation, friends. I would turn to CBS to watch the intro to Airwolf. Then I would change to ABC so my Father could watch T.J. Hooker. Just remember in those day we only had the one television.

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I did learn all about Airwolf though!

That was thanks to my schoolmates. It was during recess and our lunches that I would sit and listen to them talk about the series. How the supersonic helicopter was stolen by it’s chief designer. Used as an instrument of terror and destruction, it fell to Stringfellow Hawke, the original test pilot to reclaim it. Stringfellow played by Jan-Michael Vincent was aided by a mentor and Father figure, Dominic Santini. Portrayed in the series by the one and only Ernest Borgnine. Together the two reclaimed the helicopter and used it on special missions for a top secret agency. In fact you should listen to Borgnine talk about the series yourself!

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All right, with a little history behind us. It is time to thrill to the Floppotron Airwolf theme!

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Floppotron Airwolf Theme - Airwolf Cast


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