Remember The Mighty Broots…I Mean Orbots?

Remember The Mighty Broots…I Mean Orbots?

It’s been kind of a slow day, down here in the Retroist Vault. So I was going through a collection of old computer magazines. Which is how I came across an article in Enter about Saturday morning cartoons. One of the cartoon series listed was called Broots. It says it was about five crime-fighting robots. Who are in turn led by a computer programmer, a teenager named Rob. That’s when it clicked friends. While I may not have heard of Broots I certainly know of The Mighty Orbots!

Now the great thing is someone on YouTube has graciously upload the pilot for Broots. Personally I would actually call it an animated pitch reel. The basic plot for what would be 1984’s The Mighty Orbots is still there. Although one of the greatest changes is between the form of Super Broots and Mighty Orbot.

Although having said that there are a few more differences.

For one thing the animation style of the Broots pitch has a 70’s vibe to it. Which makes a little sense as the character design was handled by Akio Sugino. Who you might know from the likes of Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion and Gaiking. With the Director of animation being overseen by Osamu Dezaki. Both would end up working on The Mighty Orbots as well.

[Via] Lunar Archivist

There are minor differences with characters such as Bort. Who in The Mighty Orbots is grey and blue. Where in the animated pitch he is a kind of yellow or possibly faded gold. Tor, the strongest of the robots besides some slight coloring remains the same as in Orbots. With Rob and Ohno likewise being the same as in the 1984 series. It is the remaining three robots that are physically different from Orbots. That is of course Crunch, Bo, and Boo.

Crunch is no longer an obese robot, although he still is able to eat his weight in metal. Furthermore he kind of looks like he has been crossed with Shockwave or Soundwave from The Transformers.
Broots - Crunch

Bo in the Orbots cartoon is able to manipulate all four of the elements. However, in the animated pitch she appears to possess ice or water based powers.
Broots - Bo

Boo much like Bo in the pilot looks very different from their Orbots version. In particular the way their faces are set up. Boo in Orbots can work with light and energy. Creating protective fields, become invisible and even teleport. In the animated pitch it is said she has all dynamic power of a dozen cyclones.
Broots - Boo

While there are a few other changes, it is high time you check out the Broots pilot!

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