Have You Heard of Planet X2…The New C64 Game?!

Have You Heard of Planet X2…The New C64 Game?!

Friends, I really don’t expect to find a new C64 game when I come to work at the arcade. That is however what happened today. One of our semi-regular Players was nice enough to donate a copy of Planet X2. A real-time strategy game developed and programmed by The 8-Bit Guy. I would like to repeat that Planet X2 is a brand new C64 title. We live in interesting times to say the very least.
Planet X2 - The 8 Bit Guy

To be honest, the 8-Bit Guy produced Planet X2 by way of Patreon. In fact he originally had plans for it to be published as a cartridge. The cost however of manufacturing that way proved cost prohibitive. It of course made more sense to release it on floppy disk although the boxed set came with a cassette tape. Featuring music by Anders Enger Jensen as well as David Murray – the 8-Bit Guy.
Planet X2 - Soundtrack

As to the story for the game, you are tasked with the colonizing of Planet X2. It has a climate that will be able to support human lifeforms. The bad new though is another race known at the Protoids have set their sights on the place too.
Planet X2 - Protoids

Obviously this is case of having to take a diplomatic approach. Sending out envoys to peacefully find a way to coinhabit with the Protoids. I am kidding of course – this is a case of time is of the essence. Which means you will need to build up your resources. To create an army to drive the Protoids off the planet once and for all!
Planet X2 - Tank

Methane gas, mining, and even attempting to collect solar energy will be needed. Amassing these resources will allow you to build factories. These not only allow you to stake a spot to further your conquest. But in addition you can manufacture more mechanized builders, which in turn can collect resources. But this is also where you will roll out your units like tanks to attack the Protoids.

Throughout the game you will also be dealing with various environments. Using the builders you can clear cut forests or move objects. To attempt to find better spots for new factories. You can also construct missile silos, defensive walls, and bridges to reach your foe.
Planet X2 - Builder

If you would like to order a copy of the game yourself, check out The 8-Bit Guy‘s site. Sadly it does not appear the physical boxed copies are available. Although you can still get the floppy disk, manual and a digital download copy too.

If you would like see Planet X2 in action, check out this review of the game!

[Via] Modern Vintage Gamer

Oh, did I mention that David Murray is working on Planet X3?

[Via] The 8-Bit Guy


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