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Toon In: Betty Boop In Snow-White (1933)

Friends, for this particular Toon In offering, we are heading back to 1933. With the Fleischer studios animated short Betty Boop in Snow-White. If you are looking for something akin to Disney’s Snow White and the Snow Dwarfs. You must not have seen a Betty Boop animated short film before. Well, there is in fact one or two similarities between the two. On the other hand with Betty Boop in Snow-White you have Cab Calloway as the singing voice of Koko the Clown!
Betty Boop In Snow-White - Koko and Bimbo

There are some who feel that the popularity of Betty Boop in Snow-White is what inspired Disney to make his 1937 animated feature film. While I cannot provide proof either way. I certainly do know there appears to be a character that very much resembles an early Mickey Mouse.

While Max Fleischer produced this short and it was directed by Dave Fleischer. The animation was handled by Roland Crandall, who completed it within 6 months. This was an apparent reward for his loyalty to the Fleischer Studios over the years. While I am not sure if he shared in the profits of this short. I can certainly say that in 1994 it was inducted into National Film Registry. As well as being voted #19 in the 50 greatest cartoons of all time by those in the animation field.
Betty Boop In Snow-White - Roland Crandall

Just a heads up, of course with this being a 1933 cartoon. There are things that might be considered a racial stereotype. Although you know I would never share such a short if I felt it crossed the line. I know that you will indeed enjoy the wonderful music as well as the charming animated gags.

As for the story regarding Betty Boop in Snow-White. When Betty pays a visit to her wicked Stepmother her life is deemed forfeit. For being the fairest in the land of course. So it is up to KoKo and Bimbo to escort Betty to the woods to have her head lopped off. Thanks to a stubborn tree stump, Bimbo and Koko are knocked out of commission. This doesn’t mean our Betty is free and clear…in fact she winds up being frozen in a block of ice.
Betty Boop In Snow-White - Seven Dwarfs

Will Koko and Bimbo rescue Betty Boop in Snow-White? Let’s find out together!

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