Jerry Goldsmith’s Small Soldiers: The Deluxe Edition!

Jerry Goldsmith’s Small Soldiers: The Deluxe Edition!

When Small Soldiers was released back in 1998 I was so pumped for it. There were of course some very obvious reasons why too. Mainly, it was a new film from Joe Dante. The man who brought us the likes of The Howling, Gremlins, and Explorers to name a few. Naturally, then as I am now, I was a big kid at heart. The thought of action figures waging war for real was something I could get behind. Of course the fact that Small Soldiers had music from the legendary Jerry Goldsmith didn’t hurt either.

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The late and great Jerry Goldsmith has 249 film and television credits to his name. While I will certainly admit that I use legendary a little too freely. I do not believe in fact you can describe his work as anything less. Planet of the Apes, Patton, Chinatown, as well as The Omen. And so much more. Furthermore Goldsmith played a little with his work from 1970’s Patton in Small Soldiers.

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Now in just about three weeks, it will be the 20th anniversary of Small Soldiers. Varese Sarabande has released Small Soldiers: The Deluxe Edition just last week to celebrate. Back in 1998 when the original score was released there was a mere 9 tracks. Great that it was, many fans kept asking for an expanded version. Now there are 36 tracks with four of those being alternate takes. Here is the complete track listing:
Small Soldiers - The Deluxe Edition - Tracks

Of course it should be no surprise that the Small Soldiers: Deluxe Edition soundtrack contains bombastic music. Both Dante and Goldsmith were indeed having fun with making a ‘war’ film. Melded with that though is a little touch of horror. Such as in the track Gwendys Attack.


With the Commando Elite you expect a military theme, right? You certainly get that in Roll Call and Prepare for Assault. Moreover it is even the central theme for the overall score. When it comes to the heroic Gorgonites however, it calls for something different. The characters are outcasts, bizarre, but peaceful as well as noble. Which is why you get such moving themes throughout the score like Alan and Archer or The Wind.

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Friends, I miss the days when I could pop into my local music store and find a handful of new soundtracks. Even with the ease of online shopping it seems like Studios just aren’t releasing as many scores. It is why we should be so grateful that Varese Sarabande are still pleasing music fans with these releases. You can hop on over to their official site and order your copy of the Small Soldiers: Deluxe Edition soundtrack today.

Now that you know about the Small Soldiers Deluxe Edition soundtrack. Why not enjoy this interview with Jerry Goldsmith on his work for Star Trek: The Motion Picture?

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