Christopher Reeve Decides To Fix Batman V Superman

Christopher Reeve Decides To Fix Batman V Superman

Friends, a couple of months ago, a tongue in cheek video hit YouTube. Entitled Christopher Reeve’s Superman responds to Batman V Superman. Fellow Retroist author, Justin M. Salvato, sent it my way. The video gave us a glimpse of a world where the Superman of the 1978 – 1987 films reads something troubling. He sees in fact the reviews of the Batman V Superman movie from 2016.
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So with that in mind, the Christopher Reeve version of Superman takes it upon himself to fix the problem. Namely in going back in time and changing history. Attempting to ‘save’ the film by finding another Director. In this particular case for this alternate universe that would have been Matthew Vaughn. Who about 9 months ago was in talks to helm the sequel to Man of Steel. Over on the CinemaBlend site, the Director was quoted about his vision of what a Superman film should be:

“Weirdly if I did do Superman – and I made the mistake of telling someone yesterday I have spoken about it and then wallop (laughs) – I think my main take would be, it’s really boring but make a Superman film. I just don’t feel a proper Superman – I think Donner did it to perfection for that time. Just doing the modern – I wanna do a modern version of the Donner [version]. Go back to the source material… For me Superman is color, feel-good, heroic. He’s a beacon of light in darkness. And that’s what I think Superman should be.”

Which for myself struck pretty deep because that is kind of the problem I had with the Man of Steel reboot of the films. Which is why Justin agreed to have a little chat with me about his thoughts on both films. Now it is important to bear in mind, if you enjoyed both films. We are indeed happy, for us though we had issues with the portrayal of Superman.

However, before that, how about you watch Christopher Reeve’s Superman responds to Batman V Superman.

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Spoilers Ahead for Man of Steel as well as Batman V Superman.
Vic: Justin, I certainly want to live in that universe where Matthew Vaughn directed Batman V Superman. Now please don’t get me wrong. Up until Man of Steel I supported Zack Synder in all of his films. In fact I feel he did the impossible by delivering not only a fantastic remake of Dawn of the Dead but he delivered a very loyal film adaptation of Watchmen.

It’s just that I don’t think he gets what makes Superman…so super.
Batman V Superman - Zack Synder - Henry Cavill

Justin: I was impressed with Watchmen, but feared Man of Steel would use too many digital special effects. While Man of Steel did have an amazing amount of effects, it didn’t have that purposely fake scenery that we saw in 300. However, taking the color saturation down and making the tone of the movie depressing & dark really bothered me.

V: I totally agree with your take on the stylistic choices to mute not just the colors of Man of Steel. But in Snyder’s effort to, pardon the pun, ground the movie to make it more serious. It is altering the core of what makes Superman special. I will admit that when I was in the audience watching Man of Steel I was entertained. However there were moments that rubbed me wrong to be sure. Case in point the scenes between Jonathan Kent and young Clark. I hope no one will misunderstand me, this isn’t a matter of doubting whether Jonathan loved his Son – not in the least. I get that his Father is so torn with fear that Clark will be taken away from them that he has to not just sacrifice himself…needlessly….but even suggest that innocents should perish to keep the secret.

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Obviously there is the matter of Superman’s fight with General Zod too that really upset me. I’ve heard the arguments from the filmmakers as well – this is before Clark learned to control all his powers. This is a Clark Kent that has yet to master all of his superhuman abilities.

Sure. But he also is a Superman that doesn’t quite mind costing taxpayer’s between 10 and 400 million dollars by shooting down spy satellites as a point. As I was walking out of the theater after seeing Man of Steel, I really started to get upset at what I had seen. Yet again, I really don’t think Snyder gets what makes Superman a hero.

Clark cares, he truly wants to help those in need. He feels a responsibility to not be a superhero but be a good person. If he had no super powers he would still be helping others. Simply by following what should be at the heart of the character. That any of us can help make the World a better place, every single day, just by caring for others.
Batman V Superman - Why Superman Matter

J: Hadn’t thought about Superman blowing taxpayer money like that, but it sounds like the money was wasted the moment the government had decided to make a satellite to spy on an ally.

The writing in Man of Steel was very questionable. As you stated, Jonathan Kent died needlessly. And for him to suggest that innocent people may have to die to protect Clark’s secret is… Going against canon. That questionable writing was carried over into Batman Vs. Superman. The court room scene… Superman couldn’t have prevented the explosion?

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V: I definitely don’t want to sound like I’m ragging on Snyder, like I mentioned already I really have enjoyed his filmography until Man of Steel. I felt so strong about that in fact I refused to see Batman Vs Superman. Which is truly against my personal ethos, do not judge a film until you’ve seen it for yourself.

However it just looked like more of what I disliked about the first film. I certainly wasn’t finding my opinion being changed by the reviews that were coming in at the time of the movie’s release. Having said that, I can deal with Batman being dour and dark…it’s kind of his calling card, right? Superman however, there is a reason he has been labeled as the ‘Great blue boy scout’. I understand though how Snyder and the writing team of David Goyer as well as Christopher Nolan wanted to not just update the character but make him a little more ‘real’.

To me though they weren’t being true to the actual character of Superman nor Clark Kent. Justin, since I’ve not seen the sequel, maybe you can point out some things that stood out for you?

J: Besides a confusing plot that tried to wedge in Wonder Woman, the movie made Superman seem a lot more ordinary. Of course there’s the Martha debacle. That was simply terrible writing. I also didn’t care for the changes they made to Doomsday.
Batman v Superman - Doomsday

It was a film that tried to fit in too much. Marvel films can do it. That’s not to say there weren’t some good things. Batman was cool. His toys, car, and suit used to fight Superman were pretty sweet. Acting was good, but Lex Luthor… I don’t know. To be frank, if Patty Jenkins directed Man of Steel and BvS, DC films would be on par with Marvel.

V: I most certainly agree that Patty Jenkins would have probably delivered a film that was more true to the character of Superman. I hope we’ve not sounded too negative in our discussion, Justin. I think that with Justice League we saw Warner Bros. and DC attempting to fix some of these very issues. Friends, I suppose that only time will tell how that plays out, right?

Now that you’ve seen how Christopher Reeve fixes Batman V Superman. Why not look back at the many ways Superman has been portrayed for 80 years?

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