Allison’s “Saturday Night Live” (Starmaker VHS) Collection!

You’ve seen my VHS/VCR Tests, but you have yet to see a rare jewel of my VHS collection – my Starmaker Entertainment prints of The Best of Saturday Night Live!

But First, a little background on Starmaker Entertainment!

Starmaker Entertainment

Type “Starmaker Entertainment” into a Wikipedia search, and you’ll redirect to Anchor Bay Entertainment. If you think that sounds incorrect, it isn’t. Anchor Bay Entertainment is the successor to Starmaker Entertainment. In fact, Anchor Bay traces its origins back to both Starmaker (founded in 1988) and Video Treasures (founded in 1985). Both companies reissued previously-released home video releases at budget prices.

Because Vestron was a ripoff, folks.

Better be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, because $29.95 for a video your kids will basically run into the ground after repeated viewings is not “a low price.”

Starmaker Entertainment’s major distributions included (recently defunct) New World Pictures releases, programs licensed to their video division, Viacom programmings, and the aforementioned Saturday Night Live home video collection.

In 1995, the competing Video Treasures and Starmaker Entertainment were sold to the Handleman Company, beginning new life as Anchor Bay Entertainment in May 1995.

How I Got Into Collecting These Videos

I was in Suncoast Video at the mall in the spring of 1997 (I remember this because I was in eighth grade), and spotted a bunch of Saturday Night Live videocassettes on the shelf, all in brightly colored boxes.

Some had titles, others were for specific years. I began getting into reruns of the show the previous summer, when they aired on Comedy Central. The video that jumped out at me specifically was one that said 15th Anniversary Special. I figured out that would have been 1989. Intrigued, and with more than the cost of $4.99 (yes, $4.99) in my wallet, I was sold.

I was sold as long as Suncoast Video carried the videos, which was until 1999.

By that point, I amassed a respectable collection of these videos. I’d be remiss if I didn’t open up my archives to show you my collection!

Upload via Allison Venezio / Allison’s Written Words

Of course, I’d also be remiss if I didn’t include a VHS/VCR test!

Starmaker Entertainment Saturday Night Live Home Video Sampler

Uploaded to WordPress via Allison’s Written Words

I always think I miss videocassettes until I see the degraded quality. Or worse, the videocassette acts up while making a sampler. Either way, they were an important part of my VHS collection/teenage viewing.

Proof that I liked nostalgia long before I was old enough, or before it was cool to like nostalgia.

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