Fantastic Four Art By Alex Toth Is…Fantastic!

Fantastic Four Art By Alex Toth Is…Fantastic!

If you are a fan of classic animation or the likes of the Toon In posts. You probably are quite familiar with the work of Alex Toth. An absolute legend in the animation as well as comic book industry. Just the other day while talking to the Retroist during our lunch break. I made mention that I had in fact not come up with a post for today. Which is when the Retroist was kind enough to suggest taking a look at some Fantastic Four art by Alex Toth.

Fantastic Four By Alex Toth - Group - Black and White - The Alex Toth Archives
All Alex Toth animation sheets courtesy of The Alex Toth Archive.

Obviously as you can tell, he wasn’t referring to the comic work for Marvel that Toth did. He was of course pointing me in the direction of the Alex Toth Archives. To share with you all some of the design work the illustrator did for Hanna-Barbera on 1967’s Fantastic Four.

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Now the animated ABC series only produced 20 episodes. One season in fact although it was aired from 1967 until 1970. While it was of course not the first animated series featuring Marvel characters. That honor goes to the 1966 syndicated The Marvel Super Heroes series. It was the first Fantastic Four animated show. In addition as you can see in the Fantastic Four art by Alex Toth. There is a huge difference, the 1967 series featured traditional animation!

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However it wasn’t just Marvel’s animated First Family that Alex Toth did designs for. Toth had a hand in creating the likes of Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, Space Ghost, as well as The Herculoids!

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As beautiful as Alex’s work is when guiding the animation style of the Fantastic Four series. Seeing these work sheets in black and white is even more amazing. Check out some of the character he tackled, like the infamous Doctor Doom.
Fantastic Four Art By Alex Toth - Dr Doom - The Alex Toth Archives

Or there is also the planet-devouring entity whose name the Universe fears. The terribly cosmic Galactus.
Fantastic Four By Alex Toth - Galactus - The Alex Toth Archives

Of course there is also the all-seeing Uatu the Watcher.
Fantastic Four Art By Alex Toth - The Alex Toth Archives - The Watcher

Not that he didn’t also come up with original characters such as Von Lenz aka The Deadly Director.
Fantastic Four Art By Alex Toth - The Deadly Director - Von Lenz - The Alex Toth Archives

It wasn’t just Fantastic Four art by Alex Toth that shaped early Saturday morning animation. Toth also worked on 1973’s Super Friends!

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