Today Is The 25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park!

Today Is The 25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park!

Oh boy. I am definitely feeling a little old today. Some might even say I am feeling a bit like a dinosaur? Certainly understandable when you realize that today is the 25th Anniversary of Jurassic Park, right?

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I have mentioned many, many times before how I have always loved movies. As well as how in my teenage years I began to think seriously about a career in entertainment. From the long afternoons after school with my fellow students in the Video Production Club. I began to indeed play around with the idea of becoming a film Director. Then on the evening of June 11, 1993. It was all but cemented as my friends and myself, sitting in a packed auditorium, were treated to Steven Spielberg’s new science-fiction adventure.

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My word, friends. That opening scene, giving us our first taste at what is going down on Isla Nublar. If anyone in the audience had been disrespectful, talking after the auditorium lights had gone down. The ending of that scene definitely had everyone completely silent. It also happened to feature my favorite character from Jurassic Park. Robert Muldoon, the park’s game warden. Expertly played by the late and great Bob Peck.
25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park - Robert Muldoon trading card

Yes, I do in fact have that trading card sitting on my desk as I type this.

With this being the 25th Anniversary for Jurassic Park, I couldn’t let it pass without writing something about it. Sitting in the audience that night, it was like a curtain had been pulled back by Spielberg. At least for myself. While I was thrilled and even scared in some scenes…something clicked. I not only wanted to learn everything, every thing I could about how the film was made. I also felt an overwhelming desire to want to entertain people the same way. I walked out of the Razorback Theater that night and certainly knew what career I wanted to follow.
25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park - Steven Spielberg

I devoured every single making of book as well as magazine featuring Jurassic Park. In addition I found a T-Shirt that I loved so much…I wore it until it was all but a rag. I have spent so long trying to find one and tonight, just minutes after sitting down to write. Ebay came through and while it is indeed meant for a youth I might have to drop the 85 bucks to put it in glass and hang it on the wall.
25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park - Raptors shirt

Jurassic Park was a worldwide phenomenon and for good reason. You had not only just the talent of Spielberg leading the charge. But an astounding cast of actors such as Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Martin Ferrero, Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight, Richard Attenborough, and of course Jeff Goldblum. Let us not forget however that sweeping and moving score by John Williams.

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Of course another reason, a huge reason Jurassic Park became such a hit. Was naturally thanks to the dinosaurs. Both the groundbreaking CGI work by Industrial Light & Magic.

But in addition the astounding physical effects by the Stan Winston Studio as well!
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Now I hope for this 25th Anniversary for Jurassic Park you are able to revisit the 1993 film. It still holds up to say the very least. On the other hand you might be doing the very thing I plan on doing to celebrate. Playing the new Jurassic World Evolution!

On this 25th Anniversary for Jurassic Park, I want to take a moment and thank you.

25th Anniversary For Jurassic Park
I did not in fact become the Director I had dreamed of in my youth. I did however still find a way to do what little I can to entertain others. By way of this very site, sharing my feelings on all things retro. Through the Saturday Frights, Diary of an Arcade Employee, and Retro Radio Memories podcasts. Thanks to the Retroist himself I hope myself and others have achieved a little of that dream I had in 1993.

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