Retro Records: Black Dragon Bog (1984)

Retro Records: Black Dragon Bog (1984)

Welcome back, friends. For this Retro Records offering we are going adventuring. We are listening to 1984’s Black Dragon Bog. This particular release by Kid Stuff is obviously based on the Dungeons & Dragons LJN toy line. With a title like Black Dragon Bog you know things won’t be easy for our group of adventurers!

I will admit I certainly didn’t know of Black Dragon Bog until a few days. However I was definitely a fan of the AD&D LJN action figures from 1983. I can vividly recall how for my eleventh birthday I got two of them. Well, I received a figure and a monster actually. Which character was my first? Why none other than Elkhorn, the Good Dwarf!
Black Dragon Bog - Elkhorn - LJN Toys

As for the monster? It was the dreaded Hook Horror. I received these from my Grandparents, I can only assume they saw Elkhorn featured on the creature’s box. There is no way they could have known that Dwarves were my favorite race in fantasy games.
Black Dragon Bog - Hook Horror

In addition, that same birthday also saw me receiving the Dungeons & Dragons colorform set.
Black Dragon Bog - AD&D Colorforms

There were actually a total of four D&D book and records released by Kid Stuff. Attack of the Assassins, Quest of the Cursed Bone, as well as Quest of the Riddles. It is pretty evident from the covers that Strongheart the Paladin is the main character.
Black Dragon Bog - Kid Stuff - Quest for the Cursed Bone

As for the story told in Black Dragon Bog. It focuses on two adventurers, in this case Strongheart and Figgin. The latter being a Halfling thief. Naturally of good alignment. The duo are attempting to reach the festival of the Halflings. Time it appears is something of the essence.
Black Dragon Bog - Strongheart - Figgin

Will Strongheart and Figgin be able to safely pass through Black Dragon Bog?

Let us find out as we listen to this 1984 book and record together. For what it’s worth this video doesn’t include a look at the inside of the storybook.

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  1. This will always be near and dear to my heart. As someone who got into D&D as a kid in the early 80s, and as an adult who has gotten back into it in the last few years, this vintage D&D stuff never fails to make me smile. This is a good find and I’m better of for having experienced it.

  2. I am so very glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane – hopefully in the near future we can feature another book and record from the realms of Dungeons and Dragons!

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