1982’s Bring ‘Em Back Alive’s Frank Buck Was A Real Guy?!

1982’s Bring ‘Em Back Alive’s Frank Buck Was A Real Guy?!

Friends, you might remember a couple of days ago when I shared those Ben Cooper outfits. One of those costumes was for Frank Buck of 1982’s Bring ‘Em Back Alive. The short lived television series that aired on CBS. Obviously it attempted to capture that feeling of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Naturally I’m talking about the pulp feel to it all. What I didn’t know however is that the 1982 show was based on an 1930 book entitled Bring ‘Em Back Alive. Nor that the Frank Buck that Bruce Boxleitner played was based on a real life adventurer!
Frank Buck - Bring 'Em Back Alive - TV Guide

You could have knocked me over with a single feather when I found that out. Frank Buck was in fact a celebrated animal collector. As well as an author, actor, director, and film producer. Beyond his popular book Bring ‘Em Back Alive he would go on to co-write seven more books from 1932 until 1945. Not to mention starring in eight motion pictures as well as serials. To say nothing of having an RKO old time radio show dramatizing his exploits!

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It appears that Frank Buck did safely capture a variety of animals, to bring them back and sell them to zoos and circuses. Frank was actually invested in the animals well being and briefly,VERY briefly was the Director of the San Diego Zoo. Buck and the head of the board of Directors did not get along. While Frank apparently was very excited about the prospect, he was sacked three months after he took the job in 1923. If you want to get into some disturbing details you can check out this link to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Obviously that was in the 1920’s, his best selling book didn’t even come out until 1930. Not even the Wall Street Crash of 1929 could halt Buck. He was certainly affected by it but thanks to a loan of $6,000 he was off around the world once again. Collecting animals and more importantly bringing them back alive. Heck, he went on lectures and tours and even appeared with Abbott and Costello. Three years after the adventurers passing, Classics Illustrated started publishing comic books based on his 1930 book!
Frank Buck - Bring 'Em Back Alive Book cover

Remember I said that Frank Buck appeared in serials? How would you like to watch one right now?

Of course remember Jungle Menace was originally released in 1937…so prepare for some unfortunate stereotypes.

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