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Limber Up Those Thumbs For Sega Genesis Classics!

Friends, when logging on this morning, I was delighted to find a new game had dropped. Sega Genesis Classics of course. While I might not have had the same memories of the Sega Genesis as the Retroist. I was lucky enough though to have a friend that owned one. On the Diary podcasts I have commented on this in fact. My friend absolutely was devoted to Sega and I had everything Nintendo. Between the two we naturally had all our bases covered in regards to gaming. At that time. However I am planning on picking up Sega Genesis Classics later today.

Why? Memories of course. So many memories of weekends spent trying to complete Sonic the Hedgehog or Gain Ground. Or playing the likes of Flicky before I had any clue that it was in fact an arcade game. Or the nostalgia of those long heady evenings past, laughing at the antics of ToeJam & Earl.
Sega Genesis Classics - ToeJam and Earl

To be honest I wish they could have included a few of my favorite titles on the Sega Genesis Classics collection. Although having said that, friends, I know licensing issues would be a nightmare. Imagine that collection that also included Spider-Man, Dick Tracy, Phantom 2040 as well as The Adventures of Batman and Robin!

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What games do they have you might ask? Well, for a mere $29.99 you can nab these 50 titles:
Sega Genesis Classics - Game List

This latest Sega collection will offer trophies and achievements to boot. As it has of course been released for the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam platforms. Shockingly it hasn’t been made available on the Nintendo Switch…oh…wait. This looks to be nothing new. By the way, there are some other features you classic gamers might find of interest.

Multiplayer for example, on games that allowed two players obviously. Although this time instead of your friend sitting on the floor beside you, it can be around the World. There are graphic enhancement filters for the games too. As well as a Horizontal Flip Mode – which does what it says on the tin. It flips the screen horizontally for a greater challenge.
Sega Genesis Classics - bedroom

All right then, enough about what is included on the Sega Genesis Classics collection. How about you check out a sweet trailer?

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