These Emmet Otter Outtakes Will Make Your Day!

These Emmet Otter Outtakes Will Make Your Day!

That might indeed seem like a bold statement, but I truly do believe that the Emmet Otter outtakes below will make your day better. Think about it. The Jim Henson company has created thousands of hours of entertainment. New generations are daily getting their first encounters with the magic that the Henson company has created. Movies as well as of course television specials. For my money, one of the greatest of the latter is Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas from 1977.

Emmet Otter Outtakes - Jim Henson - Don Sahlin - Jim's Red Book
Image of Don Sahlin and Jim Henson, courtesy of Jim’s Red Book.

By the way, the special was shot and indeed released to Canadian television in 1977. It wasn’t seen by American audiences however until HBO picked it up for ’78 and ’79. In fact it was in 1980 when I first saw the special for myself, when it aired on ABC.

[Via] The Museum of Classic Chicago Television

Every single one of the Henson Company productions show a lot of heart. However I think that Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas has an extra helping of it. The special was based on the 1971 book by Russell and Lillian Hoban. But one of the reasons I believe the show stands out so much is the beautiful music by Paul Williams.

[Via] The Jim Henson Company

Jim Henson was well known for believing in hard work. But he felt that very work could certainly be filled with smiles and laughter as well. Perhaps one of the ways the puppeteer was able to accomplish this feat was to surround himself with like-minded performers. In the case of these Emmet Otter outtakes that includes the late and great Jerry Nelson as Emmet and Dave Golez as Wendel. In addition to Eren Ozker as Hetty Muskrat and of course Frank Oz as Alice Otter.

[Via] The Jim Henson Company

Now, it has been nearly 41 years since Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas was first aired. And I am so very pleased that we all can still be entertained with “new” footage after all these years.

I saved the best of the Emmet Otter outtakes for the last!

In this incredibly funny segment you will see how performers Frank Oz and Jerry Nelson handle a drum that won’t behave. A short moment in the film…that took 233 takes to get right.

[Via] Ruth Hill


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  1. Love the special, was watching way back when as a kid, with my brother. As my kids were growing, I watched it with them, as well. The outtakes were always watched after the special, we love them just as much. “Who are we Ma?” and “I couldn’t care less, Emmmet.” are two lines we still quote to this day. Love that the outtakes are getting some long overdue recognition from the pop culture community at large. We need more reasons to smile.

  2. These outtakes are on the DVD. It was truly magical seeing these the first time because you really have no idea how big anything else without a person in frame.

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