Have You Ever Heard Of 1966’s It’s About Time?

Have You Ever Heard Of 1966’s It’s About Time?

Here is the truth of the matter. There have been so many television programs, good as well as bad over the years that I am bound to have missed a few. Case in point 1966’s It’s About Time. Which aired for only one season on CBS for a total of 26 episodes. I find it odd that I had not heard of it before as the show was created by Sherwood Schwartz of Gilligan’s Island fame. Furthermore, did I mention that It’s About Time concerns…time travel?

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As you can plainly tell from that intro. The story indeed concerns two Astronauts who are stranded in the prehistoric era. The hapless voyagers, Mac McKenzie and Hector Canfield, were played by Frank Aletter and Jack Mullaney.
It's About Time - Mac and Hector

Things might have becomes serious for Mac and Hector if not for help from a cave family. Filled with legendary character actors like Joe. E Ross who played Grok. As well as Imogene Coca who portrayed Shad, who was credited as Shag in the first episode. However, I am going to assume you will know Ross best for his role in Car 54, Where Are You?. Imogene is probably best known as Aunt Edna in 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation, having said that she was certainly a Broadway legend.

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I should add that the show not only was created by Sherwood Schwartz. It in addition borrowed sets and props as well as incidental music from Gilligan’s Island. When it originally debuted on September 11 it did quite well. However after a few weeks the showrunners and network noticed ratings were dipping fast.

Schwartz was a smart cookie. He realized a couple of things were hampering It’s About Time. And they all revolved around the fact that Mac and Hector were stuck in prehistoric times. It was caught in a series of repetitive situations.

So with the 19th episode entitled “20th Century Here We Come”, the duo return to modern times…with a few cave people in tow. The intro not only had new animation but of course new lyrics too.

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Now while the show only last the one season, it certainly had some merchandising. Better yet the entire series was released on DVD in June of 2017.
It's About Time - lunch box

How would you like to hear Sherwood Schwartz talk about creating It’s About Time?

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  1. Weird. Someone mentioned this show to me just this morning.

  2. Beware the hive mind Max Power! ;)

  3. Fun fact: The Scorpio EX1 was used in 2 episodes of Gilligan’s Island. Episodes 45 and 90, First as a Soviet capsule in Nyet, Nyet, Not yet and then as a NASA craft in Splashdown.

    I was hoping it was used in I Dream of Jeanie also but the photos I find so far say nope.

  4. With what I learned about how much was recycled from Gilligan’s Island, that doesn’t shock me Lance.

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