The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine (2018)

The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine (2018)

Friends, back in January I was happy to report that a new comic was being released by Titan Comics. One based on elements of the legendary cult television series The Prisoner. A show that I have been known to share my love of once or twice in the past. While June 1st of this year certainly marks the 50th Anniversary of The Prisoner‘s debut on television here in the States. Titan Comics released The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine just a few weeks ago on April 25th.

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Written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Colin Lorimer, I am so far impressed. Granted there is a wonderful sense of confusion to it all. As it should be when reading something related to The Prisoner.

I do truly believe that with Milligan though, Titan Comics indeed chose a worthy scribe. For myself I was introduced to his writing through his reboot of Steve Ditko‘s Shade, the Changing Man. Upon release in 1990, a trippy look at the culture of America was exactly what an 18-year-old Vic Sage was looking for. Furthermore the character was certainly the last I expected to see made into a subject for one of the DC Nation Shorts!

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The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine is the first comic I have read featuring Colin Lorimer’s artwork. However I definitely think his style fits the world of The Prisoner, the intrigue and action of the issue is easy to follow.

Milligan and Lorimer have crafted a wonderful opening salvo. In The Prisoner #1 we are introduced to an MI5 agent named Breen. A young man on the run from his own country it would seem. For the crime of refusing to kill a fellow operative…or is it because he simply wants to quit the life?
The Prisoner #1 - Traitor

The issue is sprinkled with many of the surreal qualities that made the TV series so intriguing. Case in point, why a man in a checkered jacket would be playing chess in a public bathroom. Beyond the fact of course that chess had a special place in the Village.
The Prisoner #1 - Chess

That is another thing of note about The Prisoner #1. It is modern day and the actions of the Village are quite known in espionage circles. However, unlike in the TV series, this nightmarish place has no apparent affiliation with any country. The place is functioning on its own without any supervision, or so it seems. The Village is the ultimate holder of power – of information it can wield to it’s benefit. The catch in the first issue though…is Breen wants to be taken there, to aid that fellow operative who has gone missing.
The Prisoner #1 - Pizza

Of course while you might consider it a big spoiler…you know that is indeed where Breen finds himself.
The Prisoner #1 - The Village

Closing thoughts on The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine.

If you are a fan of Patrick McGoohan’s exceptional experiment in television, pick up the first issue. It really is that simple, right? Heck, if you are just a fan of well written comics then this is for you as well. You should be able to pick up the issue at better comic book shops in your neck of the woods. Or if you prefer digital you can certainly purchase it at Comixology. Until next time, friends.


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