Retro Records: The Power Of The Evil Horde (1985)

Retro Records: The Power Of The Evil Horde (1985)

In 1985 the power struggle we were used to in the Masters of the Universe toyline was about to change. This was of course because of the much hyped arrival of a third faction upon Eternia. No longer would it solely be He-Man and his heroic allies locked in an epic struggle with Skeletor and his minions. No, now the two forces would learn of The Power of the Evil Horde as Hordak arrived to conqueror all!

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Around the time that Mattel decided to introduce both Hordak and his Evil Horde. My Father, a single parent, was finally earning a living wage. Which meant I was fortunate to finally be getting an allowance. As soon as I started seeing the TV ads for Hordak I began to save up. One evening just before our local Walmart closed for the night, I asked my Father to drive me up and let me buy Hordak. I literally paid for the evil tyrant and walked out the building as they were locking the doors for the evening.
Power of the Evil Horde - 1985 Hordak Toy

I can certainly say that to my thirteen year old mind it was totally worth it. While I will indeed admit that when playing, He-Man and his allies would always prevail, they had to work harder than ever before to protect Eternia. Hordak quickly overthrew Skeletor in my toy universe, the skeletal conqueror was now merely a foot soldier. Bowing down to The Power of the Evil Horde!
Power of the Evil Horde - Masters of the Universe Magazine

Having said all of that however, I did not know this 1985 book and cassette tape had been made. It’s an interesting bit of media for a few different reasons. For one thing it is a little longer than the book and records we are used to. Furthermore it just so happens to have been illustrated by Bruce Timm. Yes, THAT Bruce Timm who seven years later would help produce the definitive version of Batman.

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Most importantly of all, after reading and listening to the story. It uses not only the sound cues from the classic Filmation series but most of the same actors as well. John Erwin as Prince Adam and He-Man. With Lou Scheimer as Orko and naturally Alan Oppenheimer as both Skeletor as well as Man-At-Arms. Hordak is voiced by George Dicenzo and this tale focuses on his assault again Eternia. It also features the now well established lore that Skeletor was once a pupil to the evil tyrant.
Power of the Evil Horde - Skeletor Defiant

Did I happen to mention that the awesome Fright Zone playset plays a large part in the story?
Power of the Evil Horde - Fright Zone

Okay, enough background information. It’s time for you to sit back and enjoy The Power of the Evil Horde!

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