Have You Heard This Version of “Beginnings”?

Have You Heard This Version of “Beginnings”?

Just to recap (because this isn’t the “Beginnings” of my Chicago love): Chicago, love Chicago, Chicago, Jason Scheff = hot, love their music, love Chicago. Chicago, Chicago, freakin’ Chicago! Spoiler alert: This is about one of their live performances. Back out now.

So, you’re still here. That’s good!

Not The Beginnings Of My Chicago Articles…

…and not the ending either!

If you’ve seen enough Chicago concert footage, you know by now that the sound, regardless of the vocalist, barely changes. From Peter Cetera to Jason Scheff, Terry Kath to Bill Champlin (let’s skip Donnie Dacus, please!) to Lou Pardini, the person changes, but the quality does not. The only difference I’ve ever noticed is with “Colour My World” – that song changed hands several times, from Terry Kath to Bill Champlin to Robert Lamm to Lee Loughnane (who currently sings it), but it has never decreased in quality.

It’s still not my favorite Chicago song, but I don’t have a problem with it.


So, when you hear the Chicago song “Beginnings,” this is the version you likely know best…

Upload via Chicago Band

Or, this version…

Upload via SoundStage

And, this version…

Upload via phillymacvideos

It’s all nice, it’s all amazing, and it’s all Robert Lamm…and sometimes Phillip Bailey. But always Robert Lamm.

Robert Lamm, circa 2003

But what happens when the person whose made that song sound incredible for so many years gets a sore throat prior to a concert, and needs a little help?

Well, it happened!

Devon, Pennsylvania: August 4, 1994

As the story goes, Robert Lamm was at the concert (part of the Valley Forge Music Fair) that evening, and had a sore throat, effectively limiting him to singing songs from the their then-current album, Night and Day: Big Band. But when you’re backed by a talented group of seasoned pros (including two other lead vocalists), ready to jump in, you know you’ve got the best.

Bill Champlin took the reigns of “Saturday in the Park,” but it was Jason Scheff who sang that it was only the beginning!

Jason Scheff – July 1993 at the Greek Theatre

That’s right, Jason Scheff took lead on “Beginnings,” and the audio exists. I wish it were video, but can’t be picky, this version is incredible!

Would you like to hear it?

“Beginnings” (With Jason Scheff on Lead Vocals!)

Upload via cetera06

Scheff captures the mood of the song perfectly, and hopefully, he smiled the way Robert Lamm does singing this. :-)

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