Characters Were Killed In Facts of Life’s Seven Little Indians?!

Characters Were Killed In Facts of Life’s Seven Little Indians?!

In my youth I was indeed a pretty big fan of NBC’s The Facts of Life. In fact if I am going to be completely honest, my whole Family was pretty addicted to the show. Kind of makes sense as we loved Diff’rent Strokes too, with The Facts of Life being a spin-off. However, do you recall the episode Seven Little Indians? The one where characters in the show were killed off?!
Seven Little Indians - Facts of Life - Cast

To be fair, I certainly had forgotten this episode. Seven Little Indians was the twelfth episode of Season eight. At this point in the series, Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) had left the show. Her character had gotten married and moved with her new Husband to Africa to aid the Peace Corps. In her place the show added her sister, Beverly Ann Strickle, played by the legendary Cloris Leachman. Who watched over Natalie, Jo, Tootie, Blair, and Andy as well as helping to run the gift shop the girls had opened.

Seven Little Indians - Facts of Life - Over Our Heads
Admit it. You would absolutely shop here, right?

Did I forget to mention that George Clooney was a recurring character, George Burnett by Season eight?
Seven Little Indians - George Clooney

Anyway, the episode concerns the girls taking Andy to see a newly opened horror movie. Tootie it would appear has been rather disturbed by “The Halloween Hacker 3: Part 6. A New Beginning. Dave Returns. Again.” The young Woman finds sleep elusive, even more so when young Andy is found dead. Yes, friends, the boy has a terrible accident that involves a mouthful of rubber cement.

Poor Andy is only the first of the young folk to start meeting mysterious fates as the episode continues. It doesn’t take long before the crew of Over Our Heads realize there must be a murderer in their midst. While the popularity of The Facts of Life had begun to fade by the eighth season. Seven Little Indians is a good example that there was still some gas in the tank. The cast are having a ton of fun in the episode and it’s pretty evident in their performances.

Now just a moment ago, I mentioned I had in fact forgotten the episode. Thanks to listening to the I Was There Too podcast featuring Maurice LaMarche, I was reminded. I have absolutely no doubt that you know of the staggering amount of voice work by LaMarche. The actor has 342 acting credits to his name on such shows as Futurama, The Critic, as well as Pinky and the Brain. While he is well known for his Orson Welles and William Shatner impressions, in Seven Little Indians he appears in front of the camera. Doing a remarkable Rod Serling impression I might add.
Seven Little Indians - Maurice LaMarche - Rod Serling

Real quick, the I Was There Too podcast is really fun and I highly recommend it. Just know that it isn’t exactly a family friendly podcast. It never goes over the line but their is frequently some blue language to be sure.

Now clear about 25 minutes of your schedule and enjoy Seven Little Indians!

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  1. Just did a series re-watch of Facts of Life via MeTV. So many episodes I had forgotten about, which is surprising, cause I watched it as a kid, in first and reruns! But this one was out there. Some of the later episodes did try to push the very sitcom-y format they had. One of the biggest bummers tho was the series finale. What the hell? I know they were hoping to reinvent the show or spin off or whatever, but the finale for our main characters was just UGH.

  2. Joseph, believe it or not the season finale is one of the few episodes I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing. I have the collection on DVD though, just haven’t had the time to check it out yet.

  3. Me-TV is rerunning this episode today as one of Lisa Whelchel’s favorite episodes, as she’s hosting a new Me-TV show called COLLECTOR’S CALL. I remember seeing this one back in 1987. It’s neat that the Serling character slips in the name of a TWILIGHT ZONE episode in his first speech and probably doesn’t know he does it.

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